Implemented TLS at

created May 14, 2020

I have been using SSL/TLS at, since the fall of 2013. Soupmode is my private, web-based messaging app that I have used with family. It's rarely used now.

I host on a Digital Ocean Droplet. I host many subdomain test websites and several top level domain name websites, such as on the same Droplet.

Initially, I used another TLS cert provider. A few years ago, I switched to Let's Encrypt. I needed to renew the cert for soon. Today, I renewed the cert, and I added

I host static HTML pages at, but I create and update those static HTML pages by using my small, web-based static site generator. I type mainly in Markdown.

After including in the TLS cert, I had to modify the YAML config file that I use with my simple CMS to change the API URL to point to https. No biggie. I may encounter other issues. is slightly slower with the TLS cert, according to First view, fully loaded times for a basic web page have increased from approximately .250 seconds to .400 seconds. I suppose that I will survive this change.

The main reason for including in the TLS cert today was to support Gemini, which requires TLS. I planned to make use TLS eventually. The switch was painless. I did not need to make any changes to the Nginx config file for It simply worked. Nice. I should have done this sooner.

A year or two ago, I switched to use TLS, but afterward, some image embeds stopped working because the images were hosted on other servers that used http. But over the past couple years, the NWS has switched its severs to use https. I think that I could now switch to use TLS without issues.