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May 4, 2020 Hacker News thread and post:

"Extremely disillusioned with technology. Please help (gist.github.com)"



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I'm having similar issues, and i think i found a way out: stop playing their game. Don't make enterprise software. Don't write unit tests. Don't accept pull requests. Simply write software for yourself and have fun doing it. Forget refactoring code into modules, just fucking code. Don't worry about deployment with k8s, just copy the Python script to your production folder and run it. Fuck all that shit about git branch naming conventions, or how you're supposed to use an object factory, just do whatever you want in the moment, bit by bit, until your software works most of the time then use it. Forget configuration, just hard code values for now. Don't worry about documentation, just do it.

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I made a messaging app for, and with, my family. It is ruthlessly simple; we love it; no one else will ever use it.

That's what I did in late 2013 and early 2014 when I created my app called Kinglet that I use for soupmode.com. It's a private, web-based message app that I have used with family, mainly my young nieces.

("Soupmode" is a Seinfeld reference from "The Soup Nazi" episode. George Constanza failed in his first attempt to order soup. In his second attempt while waiting outside in line with Elaine, George told Elaine that he was "shifting into soupmode," which meant that he was mentally preparing himself for the ordering process.)