Crochet - Granny Square Scarf

created Apr 26, 2020 - updated May 5, 2020

I don't think that I like this scarf. It would have been better if I had crocheted with the plain, basic, half-double crochet stitch, starting with a chain of around 65 inches long and crocheting as wide as the amount of yarn permits. It would have been a tighter overall stitch pattern, producing a workhorse, cold weather scarf.

I wanted to use yarn in my stash. I had two and half skeins one particular yarn that I bought at Artisan Knitworks a few years ago when it was still located in Farmington Hills, near Detroit and before the store moved to downtown Chelsea, Michigan.

The yarn description:

I think that I bought this yarn in January 2015. The Brown Sheep Company still offers the yarn on its website.

Lana Boucle – Hand Painted

3.5 oz (100 gram) Hank – 180 yards (165 meters)


Lana Boucle puts a subtle ‘twist’ on wool yarn. This one-of-a-kind yarn is made with of a spiral of wool fiber twisted around a thin nylon core. Lana Boucle will add texture and interest to your hand knit or crocheted project. In versatile worsted weight, Lana Boucle is suited for a wide variety of projects from garments to accessories and more. Add a touch of texture and interest to an otherwise run-of-the-mill pattern with this unique yarn. Lana Boucle is dyed in a palette of hand dyed variegated colorways as well as coordinating solid hues.

It's a funky, kinky yarn. I had trouble using a smaller hook because of the way the yarn was made. It's interesting. I like it. I also like this varied color pattern. The yarn needed to be used better than what I did here.

I paid less than that back in 2015 at the yarn store. I think that the yarn was marked down, much cheaper than the $16.75 price tag on my yarn. That's why I bought three skeins.

The yarn is not soft, like merino. It's a tougher wool, which I prefer. I like merino wool for my beanie hats, but for everything else, I prefer tougher wool. My whiskers fray the merino wool scarves that I crocheted.

For the hook size, I used a 4.0 mm / G / 6 hook.

I used the basic double crochet granny square technique.

Anyway, in the corners, it was three DC stitches, then two chains, followed by three DC stitches.

Between the corners in the previous chain one space row, add three DC stitches.

Between the DC groupings, chain one.

Nothing fancy. I like crocheting the basic or common granny square pattern, but the spacing can be too big, and for a scarf, that means too much air getting through.

This yarn contains at least five colors: charcoal, light grey, medium grey, light pink, and dark red-purple. I like the colors. The colors change quickly.

The final scarf dimensions:

Each granny square was 5 x 5 inches. I stitched together 14 squares. I crocheted three additional ones. The granny squares have stretched or elongated some while stitched together, making the scarf length over 80 inches long.

I crocheted around the scarf twice, using the half-double crochet stitch to use up the yarn and to make the scarf a little wider. I unraveled two of the three extra granny squares to finish crocheting around the scarf.

I wore the scarf on at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge on Sun, Apr 26, 2020. It was windy with a strong north wind. The air temp was in the upper 40s. I walked to the natural estuary area, which meant walking against the wind. The scarf was fine for that kind of weather.

Today, Tue, May 5, 2020, I wore the scarf when walking Barney in our neighborhood. It was breezy with a chilly east wind and an air temp in the upper 40s under a cloudy sky. Again, the scarf was fine for this weather, but since the scarf is so long, it's bulky.

And since the basic, common granny square pattern has spacing, it won't be useful for temps below 20 degrees. It will drive me nuts. Some day, I'll probably pick the whole thing apart and crochet a basic scarf with the half-double crochet stitch.

The granny square, of course, makes sense if changing yarn colors on each row or crocheting each square in a different solid color or using a self-striping yarn where the colors don't change as often as the yarn that I used above.

I did not make sense for any reason for me to use the granny square technique on this yarn, other than I wanted to make granny squares. Whatever. Yarn was used. My stash is small. I'll try the scarf this fall and early in the winter. And then I'll probably redo later next winter.

Squares completed and some have been stitched together. I used the simple whip stitch to stitch together the squares. I should use a softer stitch for seaming the squares. Enlarge image.

With how the yarn color changed often, the granny square pattern gets lost. Enlarge image.

This is probably the longest scarf that I have made. Normally, I crochet scarves between 50 and 70 inches long and not over 80 inches long. I made the final version a little wider by added two rows of half-double crochet stitches. Enlarge image.