Quote - Apr 14, 2020

Mediagazer link and headline:

On his SiriusXM show, Chris Cuomo says he doesn't want to spend his time “trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous” regarding his CNN show

The Mediagazer thread pointed to a NY Post story.

The point of this post is NOT television intfotainer Chris Cuomo who, apparently, is anti-First Amendment, especially the free speech part that's guaranteed for us rubes.

In the discussion area attached to that Mediagazer link was this tweet by Glenn Greenwald who, in my opinion, is the best national/international journalist.

Glenn Greenwald / @ggreenwald: The political, media and DC consulting class who are political junkies rely heavily on cable news shows hosted by people who are extremely rich: multi-millionaires many times over. That so much news is shaped by extremely rich people on TV has a big effect on political discourse: