Crochet - Face Mask Adapter

created Apr 14, 2020

CP asked to me to crochet one of these to take the strain off ears when wearing a face mask for a long time.

I crocheted four, each a different size to allow Catherine to find one that works for her. I tried the first one that I made with the cotton face mask that Deb sewed for me, and the mask seemed too tight and uncomfortable around my ears. Maybe a slightly larger strap would help.

And it could be different for the N95 mask that Catherine wears at work where she's an ICU nurse at a Covid-19 unit.

I followed the suggestions in this YouTube video:

I used cotton yarn that is, I don't know, approximately DK or a number 4 size. I think that the yarn is bigger than sport weight.

I used a 4.0 mm crochet hook (USG6).

The simple pattern called for the half-double crochet stitch.

I chained between 15 and 20 stitches. When I reached the end of the first row of HDC stitches, I made four HDC stitches in the last chain, which enabled the curve. Then I crocheted around the other side into the chain stitches, ending with three HDC stitches at the end, followed by a slip-stitch to close the round and tie off.

That's it. Well, except for sewing on the buttons.

And these are all of the buttons that we have on hand. If I need to make more straps, then I will either need to buy buttons at JoAnn's, which is considered an essential business, or I will need to make buttons by crocheting discs.

I have not tried this method, which relies on crocheting the so-called buttons.

CROCHET "Ear Protector Strap" for Face Mask