Roasting Coffee Beans - Apr 2, 2020

Today, I roasted three batches of the following beans that we purchased from Sweet Maria's last year.

I wish my palette was sophisticated enough to detect those flavors.

After roasting through first crack, a law pause occurred until the initial pops of second crack. I stopped roasting at or near the start of second crack.

Sometimes, I have roasted beans where the pause between first and second crack was so short that hardly a pause existed.

Apr 3-4, 2020 update

This is a delicious coffee, but all of our home-roasted beans seem to taste good to me. Sometimes, I have to adjust the amount of beans that I use when brewing a pour-over. I use around 20 grams of roasted beans for a pour-over. I need to use our Aeropress more.

Apr 14, 2020 - link

Late this afternoon, I roasted three more batches of the above beans. The outdoor temps were in the 40s. It took me around 3 min 50 secs to roast the beans on batches 2 and 3. The roasting always goes a little quick after batch one, probably because the air popcorn popper has been warmed up.

This is a nice bean to roast because of the relatively long quiet period that exists between the end of first crack and the beginning of second crack. It provides multiple stopping options, depending upon personal roast preference.

I continued to roast up until I heard the first couple pops of second crack.

Apr 15, 2020

I enjoy drinking coffee, brewed from this bean. So good.

I let the roasted beans cool or rest overnight on plates, set on the dining room table before I place the beans in a glass jar that is stored in the cupboard.