National Knitting Night Video

created Mar 16, 2020

Mar 16, 2020 - - Here's How We Cope When We're Stressed: Ideas From NPR's Arts Desk

Excerpts from that article, regarding the most interesting suggestion to me:

We asked members of the NPR Arts Desk, and their answers include a Norwegian knitting marathon, America's Next Top Model, British crime dramas and peanut soup.

"National Knitting Night"

If 24 hours with Sigur Rós (see above) seems a tad ... long (you know, whatever), you can also spend a fraction of those 24 hours watching a bunch of good-natured Norwegians try to produce a sweater — "from sheep's back to human's back" — in something short of the world-record time. (That'd be 4 hours, 51 minutes and 14 seconds, obviously.) It's called "National Knitting Night," available through NRK TV, and it's extraordinarily soothing company. And, when you think about it, kind of like sports!

— Stephen Thompson, panelist, Pop Culture Happy Hour and NPR Music editor

From midnight on we try to capture" the back to back" world record from Australia, which means that we will have to produce a sweater, from sheep's back to human's back in less than 4 hours, 51 minutes and 14 seconds. Wish us luck!

The video last over 8 hours.

Our favorite Norwegian fiber artists are Arne and Carlos. We watch their YouTube channel on our Roko TV.

Recently, Arne and Carlos returned from a Nordic cruise, hosted by Arne and Carlos that was geared toward knitters. Due to government regulations, they have self-quarantined for 14 days. They decided to host a mystery knit-along where A&C will produce a video nearly every day, during their quarantine.