Roasting Coffee Beans - Feb 23, 2020

This afternoon I roasted coffee beans for the first time, since November. I have had no reason not to roast. We have green coffee beans on hand, and the weather has been pleasant enough for most of the winter, especially December and January. I have roasted in 10-degree weather in the past. I have been lazy, I guess, regarding coffee roasting.

(BTW, the weather on this Sunday afternoon was sunny with temps around 50 degrees.)

If we don't have our own roasted coffee beans to use, then we buy coffee beans from local roasters. We buy beans from Bea's Blend at the Toledo farmers market. We buy beans from the Almost Human coffee shop and roasting company. They used to be called Glass City Roasters. Almost Human is located in West Toledo, about a seven-minute drive away.

The Bard's Coffee shop is located in downtown Perrysburg at the location of Steve's My Daily Grind coffee shop that began around 2000 and closed in 2018. I first started visiting My Daily Grind in 2002. The Bard owner made some renovations, but it still has its cozy sit-down area.

The Bard owner stocks coffee beans, roasted from a handful of local roasters. The Bard coffee shop also uses some or all of these locally-roasted beans for their various drinks.

For today, I opened up a new bag of green beans for roasting. I roasted six batches, which was probably the most that I have ever roasted at one time. A batch is only 2/3 of a cup of beans.

For five of the batches, I roasted my normal style, which is FC to FC+. From my main coffee roasting notes page:

When you are on the verge of second crack, that is a Full City roast.

A few pops into second crack is a Full City + roast

I roast mainly by sound. After first crack ends, a quiet period exists that today, only lasted for 10 to 15 seconds before the first pops of second crack began. I usually stop roasting when I hear the first pops of second crack, making a FC+ roast.

For one of the batches, however, I let the roast continue well into second crack. I did not roast to the end of second crack, but I let the roast continue while the rapid fire second crack lasted for several seconds.

The bean appearance between the five FC+ batches and the one dark roast batch was striking. As expected, the beans from the darker roast batch were much darker in color, like a brownish-black and oilier-looking or shiny-looking. And the dark roast beans smelled much differently, not as pleasing of a smell as the FC+.

The bean color from the FC+ roast is dark brown with a flat matte color. Sometimes, tiny specks of oil can be found on the beans.

This was the package description for the beans that I roasted today. We buy our green coffee beans from Sweet Maria's.

My palette cannot notice all of those flavors. I know that I have enjoyed dry process beans in the past. And I usually buy beans that say at least FC+ in the roasting range.

I like a medium-dark roast. Light roasts and light-to-medium roasts taste too weak to me.

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

I made a pour-over with the shiny, darker roasted beans. I measured 20 grams of beans. It tasted better than I expected. I liked it. I want to try brewing these beans with the AreoPress.

I used the burr grinder, and I ground the beans on the finest "fine" setting. Below that is an "extra fine" grind, which, I think, is usually done for espresso brewing.

For pour-overs, I grind in the "fine" area, and on the rare occasions that we brew with a French press pot, I grind on "coarse."

I used to brew with the large press pot every morning, but in March 2019, my wife and I cut back on our coffee consumption. Now it's only one pour over cup for each of us. It takes longer to brew two cups, using the pour over technique.

A "cup" of coffee for us is around 10 to 12 ounces. It's a little more than 8 ounces. When we used the press pot for coffee brewing, I probably consumed around 20 to 24 ounces of coffee each day.

But now on some days I drink tea instead of coffee. I brew loose-leaf tea in the press pot. Occasionally, I don't drink tea nor coffee in the morning, and I notice no negative issues with the lack of caffeine.

Prior to March of 2019 when I did not drink coffee in the morning, I got a headache, due to the lack of caffeine. I broke that caffeine addiction in March of last year.

Tue, Feb 25, 2020

I made myself a pour-over with the FC+ roasted beans, and that tasted great too. I used 22 or 23 grams of the FC+ beans for this morning's brew.

Between yesterday's brew with the dark roasted beans and this morning's brew with the FC+ roasted beans, I'm unsure which I like better, which is surprising.