Using Steven Black's /etc/hosts File Suggestions

created Feb 5, 2020

On my Ubuntu Linux laptop, my /etc/hosts file now contains over 80,000 entries, and it's over two megabytes in size.

I chose to use all of the suggestions, located at the above link as of today.

From the repo page:

Extending and consolidating hosts files from several well-curated sources like,,,, and potentially others. You can optionally invoke extensions to block additional sites by category.

This repository consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed. A variety of tailored hosts files are provided.

One could select which types of categories to block via the /etc/hosts file. For example, the repo contains suggestions for:

And combos, such as:

That's not all of the possible combos, listed at the repo.

I chose to use this one:

Some domain names contain multiple entries or sub-domain names, which makes the total list of entries exceed 80,000.

# wc -l /etc/hosts

# 81832 /etc/hosts