Quote - Feb 5, 2020

"Yahoo/Verizon is cancer and should die in a fire."

"[TechCrunch is] contaminated with vile ad trackers."

Here's a Hacker News thread from two days ago, titled Microsoft Teams outage due to expired certificate. The thread contains 170 comments. Here's the top comment, which has nothing to do with the Microsoft cert expiration issue. The HN thread title pointed to an article at TechCrunch, an alleged tech media website.

Is anyone else redirected by this url to https://guce.advertising.com/collectIdentifiers?sessionId=3_cc-session_3982b38b-2de1-484a-98bd-4a0b8635308c ?


My router is blocking this domain on DNS level in OpenWRT, techcrunch.com is redirecting me there, so I can't visit this page.

Edit: I literally can not visit any techcrunch.com article, all of them redirect me to this doggy ads+tracking domain. It doesn't matter if I came from google, DDG, reddit or HN.

Reply comment:

Same here. I’ve learned to ignore Techcrunch and other similar websites from Yahoo/Verizon.

The redirect you’re getting is to a “consent” page that’s not actually compliant with the GDPR as it takes a good 5 minutes to opt out of all the bullshit tracking and even then I don’t trust it to actually opt me out and not track.

Yahoo/Verizon is cancer and should die in a fire.

Another HN comment:

uMatrix does this for 4 out of 5 techcrunch.com articles I accidentally try to read.

It's a feature, not a bug.

Now I avoid TC at all costs, it's contaminated with vile ad trackers.

This evening, I clicked a TechCrunch link at Mediagazer, and my uMatrix browser extension setup in Firefox puked.

uMatrix has prevented the following page from loading:


without parameters = https://guce.advertising.com/collectIdentifiers
sessionId = 1_cc-session_c8154e39-d3ca-4507-968f-e7c63616cdba

WTF is "guce.advertising.com"? A search at DuckDuckGo shows results that indicate that nefarious or worst concerns emanate from guce.advertising.com.

The above uMatrix vomiting occurred when I tried to access this TC link at Mediagazer. I'll leave it as a raw, unclickable URL.


According to the webpagetest.org results for the above TC story, unsuspecting readers would be forced to download 2 megabytes of JavaScript. I root for Facebook to devour media orgs like TechCrunch.

I visited Techmeme moments ago, and I clicked on about a dozen TechCrunch stories, and every caused uMatrix to throw that same guce.advertising.com error.

I dropped this URL ...


... into the Links2 web browser, and it redirected to the following URL:


When accessing https://guce.advertising.com within Links2, I receive an AOL error page.

Within the webpagetest.org results, I saw this JavaScript file.


It's related to Yahoo. Here's a comment from the top of the code.

/*! GUCE 1.0.20 Copyright 2018 Oath Holdings, Inc. */

Whatever. If my uMatrix setup causes a webpage to error out within uMatrix, then it's not a website that I need to visit.

When journalists start criticizing their own orgs' garbage websites, then maybe we can respect their critical reporting of Big Tech.