10th Anniversary of My Sourdough Bread Starter

created Jan 30, 2020

10 years ago today, my sourdough bread starter began at the end of an eight-hour bread baking class, held at Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI. The class was a gift from my wife Deb. We learned to bake a handful of breads that Zingerman's sells. We learned the Zingerman's methods for bread baking.

Zingerman's prefers to use the firm starter type over the starter type that has the consistency of batter. The firm starter requires feeding every week. The batter type can go weeks and maybe a few months between feedings.

I've taken at least three other bread baking classes at Zingerman's. My last class occurred two years ago, and it covered bake bread with pre-ferments.

Anyway, to celebrate my starter's 10th birthday, I fed it. I should have taken it to Zingerman's and visited their bakehouse. The bakehouse has a small retail store with a window that looks into the baking area.

My starter was born in Ann Arbor, but it has grown up in Toledo.