test omnibear reply post 16jan2020

today, i installed the omnibear web browser extension in the firefox web browser on my new ubuntu linux laptop.

i'm viewing a page at wren.soupmode.com and i'm replying to that page by typing within the omnibear extension.

let's see if this works. i logged into the omnibear extension via indieauth.

if this works, omnibear will create the post at sawv.org via micropub. omnibear is a micropub client, and my Wren cms that's used at sawv.org supports micropub on the server.

since it's a reply, omnibear will include some additional info that will tell my Wren cms to send a webmention to the site that i'm replying to.

the end of the omnibear post.

This post is a reply to http://wren.soupmode.com/indieauth-and-micropub-login-steps.html.


It worked. The reply exists at http://wren.soupmode.com/webmentions.html

The above line that says, "This post is a reply ..." was added by my Wren CMS app. I did not type that within the Omnibear web browser extension. My code added the line because of the reply info sent to Wren from Omnibear.

A test post from last spring.


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