Quote - Dec 18, 2019

Today, I read this Dec 9, 2019 post, which contained the following suggestion.


One small way to get our independence and agency back from exploitative platforms is to build personal websites to share on instead.

Another excerpt from the post:

Personal sites give you the freedom to practice the design and development you care about, without the constraints of your boss’s bad business model or your manager’s questionable priorities. We can create accessible and inclusive sites that don’t exploit our visitors.

Another good one:

There’s value to being sociable, but one of the perks of having your own personal site is freedom from follower counts, likes, claps, and other popularity contests that reduce your self-expressions into impressions.

The the homogenized silos can squash individuality.

One more excerpt about personal websites:

Your own personal site might be a personal thing, but a community and culture of personal sites could make a significant difference.