Crochet - Mobius Twist Cowl Made with Mini Skeins

created Dec 13, 2019

I started this project on Nov 30, 2019, and I finished it on Dec 13, 2019.

I made it a little snug, but it's still a little drapey. I could have made it smaller.

I used the half double crochet stitch.

I bought the yarn in late January 2019 at the fiber event held at Sandhill Crane winery in Jackson, MI. It's a nice place. The fiber event was held indoors. Many vendors were present. It was great time for mid winter.

Yarn info:

The five color names, listed in the order that I crocheted them. I started with number one and finished with number five. This was the order that I chose to use.

  1. "Helios" - rusty yellow gold
  2. "Artemis" - medium grey
  3. "Athena" - light yellow with rusty gold spots
  4. "Gold Mine" - medium grey with rusty gold areas
  5. "Rags to Riches" - mix of medium grey, light yellow, and dark rusty yellow-gold

For the crocheting, I used hook size: E-4 / 3.5 mm.

I chained 115, which was approximately 19.5 inches long. I slip-stitched the ends to form a loop. Before attaching the ends, I made one twist to create the mobius twist. Then I crocheted around the mobius. Simple.