Perl6 Renamed Raku

created Nov 12, 2019

In recent months, I saw that the Perl6 project was renamed Raku.

https://perl6.or redirects to

I have not studied Raku. It would be an interesting project. The language contains many new features, but, of course, it retains some aspects of Perl5.

Currently, I'm continuing to learn more about Lua, and I will return to Golang this fall.

When I saw this Hacker News post yesterday, and I was confused by the term "Raku," for a moment, until I realized that was the new Perl6 name.

Damian Conway created this post, and it's a long, detailed, somewhat complex post.

"Multiple ways to compute e in Raku (" - 36 comments

The top HN comment:

This article is a love letter to both mathematics and programming. It is awesome to read something and grasp the joy and playfulness of the author. The maths are explained in a simple way. The programming concepts go from the straightforward to the delightfully weird (and let't not kid ourselves, Raku shines the most the weirder things get). And the final result is downright fun. I love it.

Apr 18, 2020

"Raku vs. Perl"