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created Nov 7, 2019

Post yesterday at Hacker News titled:

Mark Text: Simple and Elegant Markdown Editor Focused on Speed and Usability

... that pointed to, which is an Electron-based app that permits it to run on multiple operating systems.

I like IA Writer's Markdown-related capabilities.

The important feature worth mentioning (more than “simple and elegant” and “focused on speed and usability”) is that it directly renders the Markdown (in the editor itself, not in a separate pane or window), giving a WYSIWYG feel while still being backed by a plain-text (markdown) format that if needed can be edited directly (even in an different editor). This I've found to help enormously with being distraction-free (while still having the peace of mind from not creating an irrecoverable binary blob). Of course, to someone else it may not be a big deal.

Before seeing this just now, Typora ( was the only Markdown editor I had encountered that does this, but it is not open-source. Another was the halfway-in-between (shows both syntax and rendering) Abricotine ( which has the sense to mention it as the main feature: “Markdown editor with inline preview” and “you can preview your document directly in the text editor rather than in a side pane”.

Are there any other editors like this?

Another comment about

I decided to give it a try, and it's almost a 100MB to download. Due to being unsigned, Mac OSX blocked running this web app. Why isn't there a demo online that I can try in my web browser? Isn't this supposed to be a simple electron app?

Nov 18, 2019

"Show HN: A Markdown Notepad App ("

There seem to be about a million markdown writing apps

And every single one is built on Electron, takes hundreds of megabytes to install, some gigabytes to build while claiming to be "minimal".

Another comment:

These apps all seem really similar, but the app that has finally solved all of my needs is inkdrop[0]. It supports all the major desktop platforms, and has iOS and Android apps as well (although fairly basic and not as slick as more established mobile note taking apps). Automatic note syncing (self hosted or as a paid subscription), great notebook and tagging support, in-editor type styling based on markdown tokens (I love that changing a headline level changes the font size, which you don't get in an IDE), and plugin support which includes a pretty decent vim emulation. It has worked flawlessly from the start for me and I always have it open on all of my machines. It's an electron app, so it's not as snappy as a native editor, but I think it's a good trade for the speed of development and cross platform feature set. I'm not affiliated with the project, just a very happy customer.


Another comment:

if you guys want a MD editor that's not a bloated electron mess as most are try out ghostwriter ( ) i've tried pretty much every single choice and this is what i'm using now