Roasting Coffee Beans - Nov 1, 2019

This morning, I roasted two batches of regular coffee and two batches of decaf coffee. I saw a Hermit Thrush in our backyard while I roasted.

I never enjoyed decaf coffee until I started roasting our own three years ago. Deb wanted decaf for whatever reason, and I was surprised at how good it tasted.

This past spring, I reduced my regular coffee consumption, switching back to drinking loose-leaf tea most days.

I started buying loose-leaf tea from the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op in 1999 or 2000. I started drinking coffee in 2005 when we bought shade-grown coffee from the co-op.

I began roasting beans at home in 2013, but we still buy beans from local roasters.

My main notes page:

Since March 2019, I have been drinking one regular pour-over coffee on two or three days a week, and on the other days, I drink tea, brewed in a french press.

For caffeinated tea, I drink white peony and gunpowder green. Occasionally, I drink rooibos tea, which is a decaf herbal tea.

This week instead of tea, however, I have been drinking decaf coffee nearly every day. When I stopped drinking 20 to 24 ounces of regular coffee in March, I lost my caffeine addiction. I can go without caffeine, and I do not get a headache, nor do I feel different without caffeine.

Even though I drink two or three cups of tea on the tea days, the caffeine in tea must be weaker than in coffee because when I skip a day without tea and coffee, I don't notice anything different.

It's nice not having that feeling that I "need" caffeine. I drink my tea, regular coffee, and decaf coffee plain. Nothing added, except occasionally, I add honey to the tea.

We buy the green coffee beans online from Sweet Maria's.

I like to buy beans that can be roasted at least up to FC+ (Full City-plus). I like a darker roast, but I'm not a fan of the "Dark Roast" that might be called the "French Roast." That seems too burnt. Light to medium roasts (Around City roast) are too light and weak for me. Full City, Full City-plus, and Vienna are the roast that I like.

I'll roast to the point where I hear the first few pops of second crack. I stop right before or as second crack begins.

Today, I finished off roasting a bag of regular coffee beans.

My palette is not sophisticated enough to detect all of those flavors, but with that coffee brewed as a pour-over, I can taste citrus or fruity flavors.

For the decaf beans, I roasted the following.

As usual, I roasted outside. The outdoor temps were in the 30s.

This is an older photo of my roasting gear. It was all the same this morning, except that I used a different colander to toss and cool the beans.

my coffee roasting equipment

These are the roasted beans from this morning. The regular beans rest on the yellow and green plates on the right.

roasted coffee beans

I'll let the beans rest on the plates for several hours. If I roast in the evening, I leave the beans on a plate overnight. Then I place the beans in a mostly air-tight glass jar that I store in a cupboard.

For pour-overs, I weigh between 19 and 23 grams of whole beans, depending upon the roast.

In the past when I made press pot coffee in a large press pot, I would weigh out 38 to 42 grams of whole beans.

When I'm lazy, I'll grind the beans with our small whirly blade grinder. But for beans that I roast, I prefer to use our burr grinder.