Gabbie and Dominic Notes - November 2019

Mon, Nov 4

I picked Gabbie up from preschool at 11:30 a.m. She was dressed well with cute fall-looking clothing. She ran out of her room with a smile. She hugged me. She gave me her "yellow" folder, but then she wanted to carry her folder.

On the drive home, we stopped at the Lewis Ave playground park in Temperance. We arrived at the park at 11:40 a.m. and we left at 1:00 p.m.

I tried to keep count of the number of times that Gabbie went down a slide. I tallied 49 times, give or take a couple. I went down slides nearly that many times too.

Gabbie chose on her own to go down two slides that she has not tried before. Both of these slides were the biggest or tallest or longest slides. The tallest slide is also a spiral slide, but it's not fast. It makes us a little dizzy when we got up from the slide. Gabbie loved that one. She went down that slide over 20 times, I think.

She has now gone down all of the slides at the park. She loves the slides. We enjoyed other areas of the park too. She made me sit on the horizontal, slightly curved metal beam where Gabbie comes up from behind me and pushes me off and I pretend to fall wildly. We did this on a recent visit. She remembers fun things like that. Gabbie liked to climb the vertical ladder with my help. She liked to step up on the hexagon steps with my help too. She liked to hang from the metal beamed zip-line handle with my help.

We climbed a lot of steps on that playground equipment.

For the first time, Gabbie tried the springy "rides" where one sits on the item and rocks back and forth with the item attached to a large spring. I don't know what it's called. The alligator is a two-seater and we both climbed on. She also road another one, although both times, it was brief. This was late in our time at the park, and I was trying to get Gabbie to leave for home. Naturally, she protested with emphatic "No" calls. At one point, I said if she would try the alligator or one of the other springy rides, then we would stay longer, and soon after I said that, she tried to climb up on the fire truck springy ride.

Multiple times I mentioned riding the alligator springy ride during our time at the park, and Gabbie always responded with a strongly-sounding "No." Once after I mentioned the alligator yet again, Gabbie who was well away from me, did not respond with "No" but instead she let out a loud grunting sound, which obviously told me that she was annoyed with my insistence of trying the springy rides.

It wasn't until later in our time at the park when I said that we would stay if she tried the springy ride that Gabbie finally appeased me. Next up is to get her to try the swings. She likes to push me on the swing. She made me sit on the swing so that she could push me.

We took a couple water breaks at the park's water fountain. Gabbie likes to push the button, of course, that causes the water to spew from the faucet.

We took a break and sat down on the benches in the gazebo. We each sat down on separate benches, across from each other. I sat with my legs crossed. Gabbie saw that and she crossed her legs briefly.

During one of our many trips down the tall spiral slide, Gabbie stood at the top of the slide and watched two young people arrive and proceed to shoot basketball on the hoops court. Gabbie watched before going down the slide. After exiting the slide and before I went down the slide, Gabbie walked briskly toward the hoops court. I caught up to Gabbie who walked onto the court and was headed toward the young people shooting hoops. It appeared that Gabbie wanted to join in. They were playing ball.

I corralled Gabbie on the court. We stood near mid court and watched. Then I sat down and Gabbie sat down near me. She intently watched the young people dribble and shoot that basket ball. When Gabbie stood and watched, Gabbie said "bounce" or "bouncy" repeatedly and Gabbie made physical movements by bending her knees and moving up and down as she said the "bouncy" word. She did this when the young people dribbled the ball.

We watched the young people shoot hoops for at least 10 minutes. The young people moved to the other hoop, and Gabbie got up and walked toward the hoop that the young people were playing at. Then Gabbie imitated dribbling and/or shooting basketball movements, which was interesting.

We need to get Gabbie more ball playing time in a larger setting where she can kick and throw the ball. And maybe shoot a small basketball at a small hoop. The ball playing clearly interests Gabbie. Like with most people, when Gabbie is interested in an activity, she wants to try the activity.

And it helps when Gabbie can see other people play or try something that might interest Gabbie. That encourages her as much and maybe more than us telling Gabbie to try something.

We finally left the park. I gathered Gabbie up. She protested some, but she quickly settled down, once strapped in her seat. Before I left our house, I sliced an apple that I gave Gabbie. She ate some of the apple during the drive to her house.

When I said that we were going "home," Gabbie started saying, "Barney" repeatedly. She remembered the weekend that we watched her at her house when we visited our house and Barney a couple times, including after playing at the Lewis Ave park late on a Friday afternoon.

For "Barney," Gabbie says, Bar'-nay.

During the drive from the park to Gabbie's house, Gabbie sang. We visited the Dunlop Ave animals and then we went to her house.

CP did not feel well. When Gabbie and I arrived at the house, I watched Dominic and Gabbie while CP rested. The three of us played in Gabbie's bedroom and in the upstairs play area. Gabbie wanted to go downstairs, but I made G stay upstairs, since I had Dominic.

At one point, Gabbie and I sat together in the recliner in the living room. We watched Shrek. Dominic was happy sitting in his round chair-like contraption that has wheels that permits Dominic to move around. Dominic sat happy in that chair for a long time. He's easy going when he feels well. He likes to watch his big sister play.

In the play area, I sit on a small tea table chair, holding Dominic and giving D toys to play with (to chew on). But Dominic enjoys grabbing and banging on things.

When we were in Gabbie's bedroom, Dominic sat up on the floor. That was new to me. He liked to whack on the plastic box of wipes. Sometimes, Dominic would topple over, but he mostly sat up with a slight forward lean on his own.

Gabbie stayed up later than normal for her nap. She finally went to nap after 3:00 p.m., but she did not fell asleep until around 4:00 p.m. She awoke grumpy around 5:30 p.m.

I fed Dominic mushed carrots that CP made. Dominic enjoyed it. He sat in his high chair. He got excited when he saw me bring the food. He's now used to eating mushed food from a spoon. He ate all that I had in the bowl.

CP felt a little better in the early evening. Brad arrived home a little after 6:00 p.m. I left for home between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. Gabbie snuggled with CP in the chair. Gabbie was in a better mood. She said, "Bye."