Crochet - Redo of Mobius Twist Cowl

created Aug 29, 2019

This is the original post of when I initially crocheted this cowl in December 2018. For that DK weight yarn, I used a hook that was one or two sizes too big, which was fine. I wanted something with drape. But when I also use the double crochet stitch, that makes the item extra drapey. That's okay if it's a snug fit, but for some reason, my first attempt produced a cowl that was too loose. I don't wear these things for aesthetic reasons. I like colorful yarns, but I want the accessory to be useful.

My Aug 29, 2019 updated notes that I also included in the original post:

A few days ago, I unraveled the above version of the scarf. I started over with a shorter chain.

I tried 18 inches and after a row or two of crocheting, I deemed this version too small, especially since I started the first row with single crochet stitches before creating a twisted loop and connecting the ends.

I started over again, and this time, I chained around 20 inches long, and I connected the chain as a mobius twist loop.

Everything else was the same, hook size and stitch type. I completed the cowl today, Aug 29, 2019. It fits snug now. Much better.

I could probably chain 18 or 19 inches long and connect the chain with a mobius twist, especially with a double crochet stitch that is spacey and stretchy. If I used a single crochet stitch, then I should chain 20 to 21 inches, since the single crochet stitch is tighter and stiffer.