test syndication post to twitter 09aug2017 1730

I created this post from my web-based SSG app called Wren that's running at sawv.org.

For sawv.org, I'm using only one rel="me", which is twitter.com/jr_sawv.

I registered that Twitter account at brid.gy. sawv.org points to twitter.com/jr_sawv, and that twitter account points to sawv.org.



It worked.

Wren at sawv.org posted a Webmention to brid.gy, which syndicated to the jr_sawv Twitter account. Here's the tweet:


And if for some reason anyone on Twitter replied to that tweet, brid.gy would send the info as to sawv.org as a Webmention, which my Wren app would store at http://sawv.org/webmentions.

Obviously, I manage Webmentions on my site differently. The "normal" way would be to show the Twitter reply as a comment at the bottom of the page, like a normal web post or blog site.