test omnibear post 24aug2017 2240

i'm writing this using the chrome extension called omnibear, which supports indieweb functions, such as indieauth and micropub.

omnibear is a micropub client app.

when reading a webpage on a site that supports receiving webmentions, i click the omnibear icon in the url window bar, and up pops a small dialog box that contains a text area box to type this content.

within omnibear, i click "current page" to reply to the page that i'm reading.

i logged in as sawv.org. this post from omnibear should get posted to sawv.org with the reply to info.

then my wren code at sawv.org should send a webmention to the site that i was reading when i clicked the omnibear icon.

i'm reading kleete.com/homepage, and this page should be the source_url with this post being the target_url at sawv.org once it's posted at sawv.org.

let's see if this post ends up as a new thread starter post at kleete.com ...

This post is a reply to http://kleete.com/homepage.


yep. it worked. the above got created with my code adding the line "This post is a reply ...", and my code added wren command reply_to : url within an html comment like i do with all wren commands.

here's the thread at kleete.com:

screenshot of the omnibear extension dialog box (micropub client app)