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Ned Kehde - June 27, 2016

"Midwest finesse fishing"

In an Aug. 10 email, Myers wrote: "In my estimation Billy Westmorland knew some things that trump modern rod designers. With a flick of the wrist on my Aug. 10 outing, Billy's old glass blank threw a 1/32-ounce Gopher jig affixed to a well-worn 2 1/4-inch Z-Man's ZinkerZ better than any high-dollar rod I have owned. It is the single best finesse rod I have ever used. Billy must have known something about blanks and handles. He must have had hands that would make a bear jealous because the diameter of the cork Tennessee-style handle is humongous. I do not think these rods would sell in the modern age. In fact, I know they would not sell."

the ned rig:

"The Lures of Billy Westmorland with Do-It Molds"


Estate item. Rod is used but in excellent condition. The only info on the rod is Billy's signature and the model name "Worm Special". Large cork handle compared to most other rods(thick). Measures approx. 5 foot, 1 inch long end to end.

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