December 2016 Events Calendar

We attended on Fri, Dec. I saw Phantom at the Stranahan last decade, and I saw it on Broadway in NYC. I thought that this new production was well done. I liked the mechanics with how the sets changed with the scenes. The set designs were amazing. The singing and music were fantastic. Impressive. It was a great experience. I could see it every night during its run here.

We left home around 10:00 a.m. to shop at the Toledo farmers market, located downtown. Then we went from the market to the garden for more shopping. We like the Handmade Toledo events held on Adams Street in the Uptown Area of downtown Toledo in the spring and fall, but this Toledo Botanical Garden event may be our favorite. We like how the shopping is done in several small buildings that focus on medium, such as photography, glass, painting, fiber, etc. Many guild members produce items.