Afghans Crocheted by Hester

Hester was my Step-Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. She passed away in 1992. When we visited in the fall, most of us watched football with Grandpa while Hester crocheted in the other room. I wish that I had an interest in crocheting back then.

Hester made afghans for all the family members. She made mine in 1986, using green and white colors, since I attended Ohio University. I used in college.

It's now January 2019, and I still use Hester's afghan. It has traveled with me since college.

Hester did a lot of tight, single crocheting. I jokingly say that she crocheted iron.

Hester's afghans crocheted by making small diamonds and stitching together the diamonds reminds me of patchwork quilting. She made my afghan this way. It's big enough to cover a twin bed. The afghan is heavy and durable. She probably used a basic acrylic yarn.

I love her work. She did not use fancy stitches. She relied on the yarn and the shapes to make a statement.

These are the Hester-made afghans that Mom owns.

Using up yarn scraps? Looks like stained glass.

Spike stitch.