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h3. To-Do ---- - Ponzu – An open-source HTTP server framework and CMS in Go - - web development in go - --

(DRAFT) Particle: A Proposal for Tinier HTML and CSS - together

IndieWeb proponent created this service to create JSON feed and Atom feed from a Microformatted h-entry HTML page.

Convert HTML page to RSS - requires registration and a fee.

Posts that I have created about one of my favorite birds, the Golden-crowned Kinglet:

small robot

github commits

GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec - Love2d game - Lua

/etc/host file suggestions to use on personal computer. - Open access to 1,352,717 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, and Economics - editor built as an Electron app

LCUI – A small C library for building user interfaces with XML and CSS

play npr on alexa amazon smart speaker

Ask HN: Software to build a voice assistant on a Raspberry Pi?

Small, soft-sided dumpster. $160 for the bag and pickup. It costs about $300 to rent a medium-sized, regular metal dumpster, but the size is much larger than the Bagster.

my jothut flickr account Sin and Cos: The Programmer's Pals - programming computer games is the most comprehensive website on the Internet pertaining to the Allegro Gaming Library. The Allegro library provides C/C++ programmers low level routines commonly needed in game programing, such as input, graphics, midi, sound effects, and timing.

Round Peg in a Square Hole - Numberphile - toledo

renewing let's encrypt ssl/tls certificate: - cd /opt/letsencrypt - service nginx stop - ./letsencrypt-auto renew - service nginx start

The evidence for contrast as an issue with dyslexia

Programming languages

Is libreoffice online a viable alternative to gdocs?

TextQL: Execute SQL Against CSV or TSV

In SQLite you can just do

sqlite> .import myfile.csv mytable sqlite> select ... - javascript

Rationale: Or why am I bothering to rewrite nanomsg?

"Learn React by building a web app"


service fcgiwrap start Starting FastCGI wrapper fcgiwrap [ OK ]

ps aux | grep cgi

/usr/sbin/fcgiwrap /usr/sbin/fcgiwrap /usr/sbin/fcgiwrap /usr/sbin/fcgiwrap /usr/sbin/fcgiwrap

September 11, 2018 TV News Video Streams - Jon G

"Show HN: A free, lightweight static page to get stock quotes using the IEX API"

"Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide"

Minimal Responsive Grid System

Shell Style Guide