Sun, Jun 2, 2019 - 1-4pm - Toledo Botanical Garden

"CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild ("

great quotes:

Regulation is one of the best ways for incumbents [Facebook, Twitter, Google, Medium, Netflix, etc.] to build a competitive moat against prospective new entrants.

Complexity reinforces privilege.

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"I created the exact same app in React and Vue ("

Simple Crochet Bracelet - Tutorial | Girlybunches

Eclipse Mita is a programming language that is focused on making Internet-Of-Things things easier to program, especially for developers without an embedded development background. It aims to increase programmer productivity, enables fast exploration of use-cases and tries to make you feel right at home on an embedded device.

crochet granny rectangle patterns


CROCHET: Granny rectangle | Bella Coco

How to Crochet Granny Rectangle Afghan



How to Crochet an Easy Soap Saver

How to Crochet: Fast & Easy Crochet Soap Holder


Visual Cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout (

Xinu – A small, elegant operating system (

TinyEditor: A functional HTML/CSS/JS editor in less than 400 bytes (

Original Source code for the Furby [pdf] (

small front-end javascript framework

I used minified.js five years ago for some of my projects.

would be cool to try to build this.

A digital typewriter based on a Raspberry Pi and an E-Ink screen. The code/build instructions are available on GitHub.

renewing let's encrypt ssl/tls certificate:

March 2017 photo of Gabbie wearing a beanie hat that I crocheted for her

Seinfeld - The Car Reservation

How to pass a programming interview (2016) (

Nginx Push Stream Module