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Apr - Jun, 2019

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[x] Have a personal web site (

[x] Google Is Eating Our Mail (

[x] Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us?

[x] Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again (



[x] Telnet BBS Guide (



[x] Show HN: Switch from Medium to your own blog
Medium pressured freeCodeCamp to put the articles behind the firewall (

[x] How I Made $200k When I Was 16 Years Old Through Coding (2018) (





[x] "Write HTML Like It's 1999 ("


[x] Introducing a new HTML element – welcome (

[x] How to Design for the Web in 2019 (

[x] De-Googling My Life (

[x] Google AMP Issue: Links to visit the site currently not working (




[x] JavaScript Is the CO2 of the Web [audio] (

[x] The Touchscreen Infotainment Systems in New Cars Are a Distracting Mess (
Mazda is purging touchscreens from its vehicles (
Our 2015 Ford Fusion with touch screen and touch panel with no physical buttons, knobs, and sliders to control fan speed and temperature is the most dangerous vehicle i have ever driven. what problem were engineers solving by removing physical knobs and buttons from driver usage. the crappy design is great for passengers or when drivers are stopped. actually no. it takes too long to adjust temp and fan speed with the asinine touch panel. humans can be amazing by our stupidity. this is clearly ruined by design. this terrible Fusion dashboard design did not solve problems. IT CREATED PROBLEMS.

[x] Sustainable Web Manifesto (


[x] Writing Less Damned Code

[x] fossil fuels and plastic:

[x] Writing HTML in HTML (

[x] Show HN: A job board for companies fighting ageism in tech (

[x] Elixir 1.9 (

[x] Show HN: A Firefox extension to leave comments on any URL (


from last year:


Ask HN: Why do new(ish) programming languages eschew OOP features?

D is being used for autonomous driving research – Audi and Mercedes (

How Id built Wolfenstein 3D using Commander Keen tech (

Lyme Disease Cases Are Exploding (

Why Google+ Failed (

India has the highest data usage per smartphone (

Serveo: Expose Local Servers to the Internet (

I’m Not a Good Web Developer, I’m Just Good at Googling Things (

REST and GraphQL framework to build API-driven projects (
"Laravel & Vue is a very common combination these days."

When to use web workers (
web workers, web components, web sockets, web assembly, progressive web apps, web browser notifications, etc.

Relearn CSS layout (
The State of CSS 2019 (

Encrypting Gopher (

gee, i wonder why most people won't pay for journalism. maybe this kind of so-called reporting is insulting to readers' intelligence.

Privacy Policies Are an Incomprehensible Disaster (
On Dat (
IPFS, Again (

I miss blogrolls (

Blender Is Free Software (

Breaking the physical limits of fonts (

not a shock, especially in computer programming.
"New Evidence of Age Bias in Hiring, and a Push to Fight It ("

Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages

coders reluctantly supporting AMP

A new round of antitrust questions can’t go well for Google (

Block Fingerprinting with Firefox (

Unwalled.Garden: souped-up RSS for P2P social apps (

Ask HN: Does anyone still use IRC?

Why the “Digital Ocean killed my company” incident scares the hell out of me (

High-flying ladybug swarm shows up on National Weather Service radar (

Actix-web 1.0 – A small, pragmatic, and fast web framework for Rust (

wtf? hypocritical??? rationalize why it's okay to avoid personal changes.

Chrome, the perfect antitrust villain? (
Written by Glenn Greenwald who is the best national political writer in the U.S

Impossible Foods Responds to Glyphosate Allegation (

Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again (

What I Learned Trying to Secure Congressional Campaigns (

Why I'm still using jQuery (

Interview with DuckDuckGo CEO Gabe Weinberg (

Before Netscape: Web browsers of the early 1990s (2011) (

Smartphones Are Toys First, Tools Second (

Neal Stephenson Explains His Vision of the Digital Afterlife (

Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users (

Why Carbon Credits for Forest Preservation May Be Worse Than Nothing (

US Corn Crop Failure (

Economists Are Obsessed with Job Creation – How About Less Work? (2017) (

Dark theme image of a website: - "Designing For Seniors"

Show HN: Maildown – Super Simple Email API (

When we say “Everest is crowded,” this is what we mean (

Smartphones Are Toys First, Tools Second (

Neal Stephenson Explains His Vision of the Digital Afterlife (

Ask HN: What jobs can a software engineer take to tackle climate change?

The Art of Command Line (2015) (

YC's request for startups: Government 2.0 (

Integrated Circuits Can Be Easy to Understand with the Right Teachers (

To Keep Track of Reddit Conversations Around NYT Articles, We Built a Slack Bot (

Why Racket? Why Lisp? (

IT Runs on Java 8 (

The Slippery Slope of In-Product Messaging (

The town of Longmont, CO, is debating whether to add a tax to fund a public library that might include an editorially independent local newsroom

New media ventures like Vox are struggling while old media, like NYT, is flourishing because the only disruption in media happened in distribution, not content

blade shaving thread
Harry’s Will Be Sold to Owner of Schick for $1.37B (

Google Fights Back (

Detroit’s LED streetlights going dark after a few years (

Css-only-chat: A truly monstrous async web chat using no JS on the front end ( - jokey

Webstock ‘13: Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World - from 2013 - it's amazing how clumsy it is to read posts at sad and pathetic. medium once offered a pleasant reading experience. no more.

Python at Netflix (

I made a smart watch from scratch (

U.S. Web Design System 2.0 (

Warren Buffett Sees Most Newspapers as ‘Toast’ After Ad Decline (

Google search only has 60% of my content from 2006 (

An open-source collection of interview questions (

Ask HN: Has there been any academic research into software interviewing?

The FreedomBox enables you to control your view of the internet (

Setting Up an Ad-Blocking VPN with WireGuard and Pihole (

"James Webb Telescope will run a proprietary JS interpreter by a bankrupt company" - overreaction, misplaced confusion, ignorance.

It's used for sequencing. Think game scripting, except for a machine. The instruments / data handling is not in JS. ... for instructions that must be human readable and machine readable, which are uploaded from ground stations, you sometimes want a scripting language like LUA or JS.

on a simpler level that i can understand, it might be like writing CouchDB views or sophisticated queries in JavaScript that get loaded into CouchDB.

Massachusetts Court Blocks Warrantless Access to Real-Time Location Data (

An Introduction to C and GUI Programming (

Nim – Natively compiled language with hot code-reloading at runtime [video] (

Testing KettlePizza and Baking Steel's New Joint Pizza Oven (2013) (

I Sell Onions on the Internet (

Excerpts from Richard Stallman's talk in Mandya, India (

Why Turning on HTTP/2 Was a Mistake (

Think You’re Discreet Online? Think Again (

Ask HN: What is your money-making side project outside programming?

Should that be a microservice? Factors to keep in mind (

Agreed, microservices is literally a last resort in my book.

"Austrian government seeks to eliminate internet anonymity, with severe penalties ("

Search Benchmarking: RediSearch vs. Elasticsearch (

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content

Post-surgical deaths in Scotland drop by a third, attributed to a checklist (

Let’s Encrypt to transition to ISRG root (

Tech Industry-Funded Think Tanks Work to Overturn California Privacy Law (

Responsible JavaScript: Part I (

Stop using poison on your lawn (

Icons: Avoid temptation and start with user needs (

Org-mode parser in Rust (

Why I quit a $500K job at Amazon to work for myself

Why Vi Rocks (

339 Bytes of Responsive CSS (

Making email more secure with MTA-STS standard ( - yeah right. according to google, anyway.

JQuery 3.4.0 Released (

Don’t trust the locals: investigating prevalence of persistent client-side XSS (

Org-Mode Is One of the Most Reasonable Markup Languages to Use for Text (2018) (

Google AMP lowered our page speed, and there's no choice but to use it (

The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News (

Show HN: A minimalist blog based on Tufte CSS (

Show HN: Water.css – A just-add-css collection of styles to make websites nicer (

58 Bytes of CSS to look great nearly everywhere (

Public Sans – A strong, neutral typeface for text or display (
this page/site is blank with javascript disabled.
in the hn thread, militant front-end javascript dinks explain why the site fails with javascript disabled.

Society Needs an Alternative Web (

OLIVETTI Valentine Typewriter Working typewriter in working order-Sottsass Design MoMA - portable manual typewriter that fits into its own metal case. fascinating. this looks to be in great shape. cost: $232.

Linux-based 4G phones with Google Assistant sold for $7 in Indonesia (

Dieter Rams designed products to last, is horrified how we throw things away (

Facebook are 'morally bankrupt liars' says New Zealand's privacy commissioner (

Why there’s so little left of the early internet (

Jerks on the Internet: what my first DDoS taught me (

A Conversation with Language Creators: Guido, James, Anders and Larry [video] (

Refactoring Back End Engineering Hiring at Slack (

"Reducing notification permission prompt spam in Firefox ("

"How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram"

Burger King is introducing a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods (

Warp – Mobile VPN (

A social networking platform made using Node.js/ExpressJs/MongoDb(Mongoose)/Angluar/JQuery