Articles To Read List - Jul - Dec 2018

Designing web pages for screen readers.

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python (

Raspberry Pi Pet Detector Camera Using Python, TensorFlow, and Twilio [video] (

What I learned in ten years of blogging (

Breakthrough ultrasound treatment to reverse dementia moves to human trials (

K-Cup creator John Sylvan regrets inventing Keurig coffee pod system (

AOL and Yahoo!, internet/web rock stars of the 1990s.
"Verizon signals its Yahoo and AOL divisions are almost worthless ("

Bootstrap 3.4.0 released (

Why Not to Use Quora (

Exercise Wins: Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger

Searching the Creative Internet (

Neither PWA nor AMP are needed to make a website load fast (

Drawing a Picture Has a “Massive” Benefit for Memory versus Writing It Down (

The State of Web Browsers – 2019 edition (

"State of web browsers in 2018 ("

How to Save the Web (

Searching the Creative Internet (

Guide to Advertising Technology

WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ (

Nginx on Wasmjit (

Show HN: Dark Reader extension – Dark mode for every website (

Movim – Federated, open-source alternative to Tumblr (

Get Smart with SmartOS (

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Emacs (2012) (

A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics (

I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me happier (

How Restaurants Got So Loud (

"Data Structure and Algorithms Interview Questions for Programmers ("

Note-taking apps and discussion
"Show HN: Technical note app that builds a knowledge base ("

How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It (

"I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It."

Elementary OS – Fast, open, privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS (

Sourdough Hands: How Bakers and Bread Are a Microbial Match (

GitLab Made $10.5M in Revenue with Every Employee Working from Home (

Taking Back The Web

outline plan for the development of lotus notes

Show HN: A JavaScript Handbook (

Limiting Social Media Decreases Loneliness and Depression (

London Perl Workshop - Sat, Nov 24, 2018 - nice web design - Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development - (similar to Electron?) - Electron-based editor.

"Harvard Converts Millions of Legal Documents into Open Data ("

Front-end development is having an identity crisis? (

Oscar Wilde’s search for fame and himself

Google drops plans for Berlin campus after protests (

Gmail: the slowest website I'm using

The Slide Rule (

The Single Board Computer Database (

Web accessibility for 2019 (

Problems with infinite scroll (

Run Perl in the browser with WebPerl (

Calculus Made Easy (1910) (

An Introduction to GPU Programming in Julia (

OOP Is Dead, Long Live OOP (

Helm: Personal Email Server (

Do We Worship Complexity? (

Study shows massive insect loss (

Algorithms tutorial series for beginners (

Ask HN: Over 60 = no engineering jobs?

Ask HN: Is there a modern “power on to basic” computer, for kids to learn on?

The true power of regular expressions (2012) (

Solving Tech Addiction Is an Underappreciated Market Opportunity (

Python is becoming the world’s most popular programming language (

Introduction to Differential Equations (2008) (

Brave – A private, secure and fast browser (

Mixnode: Turn the web into a database (

UCSD Pascal pioneer Ken Bowles has died (

National Theater in London Offers Glasses with Live Subtitles ( - node.js developer

"Why I can't stand to use Apple/Mac anything..."

Hackers and hippies: The origins of social networking

In 1979, a chain email about science fiction spawned the modern internet (

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate Amazon and Apple (
The Big Hack: Amazon, Apple, Supermicro, and Beijing Respond (

Modify new Gmail interface to be more like classic Gmail (

Do You Really Know CORS? (

Coders Automating Their Own Job (

DuckDuckGo Traffic (

Solid – Reshape the web as we know it (

indie video game development

Do You Know Cobol? If So, There Might Be a Job for You (

Tailwind: A Utility-First CSS Framework (

Why Ghost is not Medium

Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript (full 2 hour course) [video] (

Google Wants to Kill the URL ( - about mastodon - the cesspool of the internet. but does twitter own the title or share it with other social media silos?

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA

"Social media, metrics, bad faith readers, columnists, instant and bad takes, blogosphere nostalgia, and online abuse have created an op-ed internet culture" -- seems to focus on broadcast television news. i would change the title to consuming less news, regardless of the medium.

"A plea for lean software (1995) [pdf] ("

blogging and microblogging essay

Great article that I read back in August 2016 when it was published.

DuckDuckGo Raises $10M (

Air-conditioners do great good, but at a high environmental cost (

Salmon, a Python Mail Server (

Commons Clause (

A Web Design Crash Course: From Developer to Developer (

[x] - "The easiest way to keep your web apps accessible: Just use text ("

How I Recovered Millions of Transactions Using Tcl (2016) ( - one of the best articles that i have read in 2018

Facebook has ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to profiles or pages (

Baltimore police will pay consultant $176k to maintain Lotus Notes system (

holy hell. this seems like massive over-thinking that could create more problems than it intended to resolve. it also seems a bit disturbing.

universal standards for content moderation? seems like an unsettling opinion.

Remember and memorizing info.
"To Remember Everything You Learn, Surrender to This Algorithm (2008) ("

Learning from Terminals to Design the Future of User Interfaces ( - aug 2018 - feb 2017

Tackling youth unemployment by growing mushrooms from coffee waste (

The Bullshit Web (

Removing Bad Actors on Facebook (

ActivityPub could be the future ( - for some because in my opinion, ActivityPub usages are the opposite of a slow web movement. AP's goal is real-time access to feeds or info. The slow web movement would be more asynchronous, like responding to an email or a comment on a message board whenever, maybe days later if it's unimportant. - read it again and again and again.

How a German city changed how we read

Deep Learning and Free Software

Back to the Listserv?

The history of design systems at Clearleft

What was it like to be a software engineer at NeXT? (

Whole House Fan and Evaporative Cooler (

Ask HN: Best Lego Mindstorms alternative for fun programming projects?
"I'd recommend you look into the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or micro:bit - each offer a great introduction to physical computing with huge libraries of online content to dive into."

Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready
user diafygi's comments, especially, in that thread and in other hn threads:
he/she works in the cleantech industry and is developing

The Allure of Small Towns for Big City Freelancers (


Sounding the Alarm: Now Is the Time to Be a Cockroach (

Farewell, Google Maps (

Building Protocols with HTTP (

REST was never about CRUD (

Ask HN: How to stop Google indexing dynamic search pages?

WordTsar – A Wordstar clone ( - good discussion

Web Architecture 101

Learn how to design large-scale systems

Why local US newspapers are sounding the alarm

Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design

The single most important quality in a piece of software is simplicity. It’s more important than doing the task you set out to achieve. It’s more important than performance. The reason is straightforward: if your solution is not simple, it will not be correct or fast. - 5 comments

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