Proposed text message to family Mar 25, 2020

The beer bread sounds good, Mom. I made beer bread once that used Guinness. I used to eat eggs in butter, but I stopped eating meat and dairy in November 2018, except for rare occasions, such as Italian sausage at Christmas. Tonight, we are eating the Beyond Meat fake burgers, which are really good. I like them better than beef burgers now. Back on Christmas Eve, we went to Brad's parents' house for dinner. Brad's Dad has a smoker, and he made smoked macaroni and cheese. He also made lasagna that had meat and cheese. And he made Brussel sprouts with bacon. Normally, I would have passed on all of the food, but since it was family, I ate a small amount of everything. It was probably the most meat and dairy that I had consumed at one time in over 12 months. Shortly after eating, I came down with a horrible headache, and I rarely get headaches. When we came home in the early evening, I laid down and slept for 20 or 30 minutes. When I awoke, I was fine, and I went down to the basement and exercised on the elliptical. I don't know if the meat and/or dairy caused my headache, but I'm sticking with the plant-based whole foods diet. I don't even like the taste of cheese anymore.
Eating a small amount of Italian sausage at Ma's house, however, was fine.