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Hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike (

Covid-19: the harms of exaggerated information and non‐evidence‐based measures (

Why Is Facebook Not in the Cloud Business? (

Why are so many internet protocols text-based? (

The Times-Picayune and The Advocate to temporarily furlough about a tenth of their 400-member workforce with the rest on four-day workweeks

New York Times: Local News Outlets Dealt a Crippling Blow by This Biggest of Stories
Tom Jones / Poynter: Coronavirus news fatigue may be setting in, but it's more important than ever for journalists to publish this news
Sara Sneath / @sarasneath: I know it will surprise some of you to hear that I bite my tongue sometimes. But I do. When I hear folks complain about “the media,” I typically tell myself that it's not about me. (A thread) ...
Chris McCrory / @ckm_news: For Anyone thinking coronavirus has been overhyped by the media to boost viewership, please read this. Even with 3-4x online traffic, our partners at @theadvocatebr are furloughing 10% and moving the rest of La's largest newsroom to 4-day workweeks. ...
@kerrymflynn: Perfectly summarizes what local newsrooms are facing - Online traffic up 3-4x - New digital subscriptions have doubled - Ads have dropped citing biz closures - Must find cost-savings so laying off 10% of 400-person workforce “We are as committed as ever” ...
Kerry Flynn / @kerrymflynn: “Our newsroom, with about 120 employees, is the largest in Louisiana, and the furloughs will chiefly impact people who cover sports and social events, which have been curtailed.”
Joe Yerardi / @joeyerardi: Management says this is because of ad $$$ drying up due to business closures. Took the step despite seeing 3-4 times normal web traffic and the pace of new digital subscriptions more than doubling in March. Worried this could just be the start. Support journalism you rely on!
EdAsante / @edasante77: Guess what companies and businesses cut back on first when they want to conserve cash? Advertising. No one is safe if this shutdown lasts months.
Brendan McCarthy / @bmccarthynews: Devastating news. The incredible Times-Picayune/Advocate team has delivered essential news coverage during this crisis. Now, furloughs and cuts are on tap. I can't say it enough: if you value your community, support local journalism ...
Robbie Faulk / @robbiefaulk247: Local journalism is still vital to our communities. The loss of business around these communities means loss of ad revenue and our newspapers are taking a major hit because of it.
Nicholas Dawes / @nicdawes: The worst possible news right now. Good information is as urgently needed as masks and ventilators
Pat Bagley / @patbagley: Accurate local reporting on coronavirus pandemic is essential to stopping its devastation. Please support @sltrib in this time of crises
Andrea Gallo / @aegallo: Please subscribe and support your local news outlets, y'all! We want to work 7 days/ wk to bring you news about Louisiana's bad outbreak of COVID-19. But reporters are being cut to 4 days a week (or furloughed) because this is such a rough time for our biz ...
Andrew Pantazi / @apantazi: Hundreds of newspaper workers across the country are facing job losses, substantial pay cuts and furloughs this week, most due to COVID-19. The @newsguild is tracking those cuts here:
Rebekah Allen / @rebekahallen: Devastating and terrifying. Largest newspaper in Louisiana is furloughing, cutting pay for reporters who are more essential than ever right now. Newspapers are particularly sensitive to economic dips. Supporting local biz means supporting local news. ...
Joshua Benton / @jbenton: UGH: @NOLAnews/@theadvocatebr, the sister papers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, are furloughing 10% of staff and converting the rest to 4-day work weeks (in effect a 20% salary cut) ...

Coronavirus news fatigue may be setting in, but it’s more important than ever for journalists to publish this news

I have not read the Blade's coverage since Saturday, three days ago. I have been too busy helping family with our own potential Covid-19 issue. We're still waiting for test results for my Stepdaughter.

I have not seen ANY TV coverage, except for a smidgen of Sky News one evening last week or two weeks ago. We don't have cable nor satellite TV, and I don't watch local TV news. I only watch over-the-air TV for the NFL, mainly the Cleveland Browns, and for one or two golf tournaments, which may not occur this spring. The Masters has been postponed.

Nielsen says local news viewing in the top 25 markets was up 6.9% for the week of March 9 compared to the previous week, with about a 10% increase in ages 18-54

Local News Outlets Dealt a Crippling Blow by This Biggest of Stories

Layoffs. Canceled print editions. Weekly papers and small dailies across the country face peril as the coronavirus cuts off ads and live events.

During the pandemic, newsrooms should remove paywalls so as not to miss the short window of opportunity to build trust and show the significance of their work

Even without a paywall, the Blade's web design is untrustworthy.

How about media orgs offering ad-free, tracker-free, crapware-free, lightweight, fast-loading, USEFUL websites?

Everyone is talking about Dan Patrick’s on-air death plea.

Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, touched off an outpouring of anger when he declared to Tucker Carlson that people like him — grandparents in their twilight years — should risk death so people can stop social distancing to avert economic calamity.


Thousands of Liberty students expected to return to campus amid coronavirus outbreak

Emily Singer / The American Independent: University president who pushed coronavirus lies to reopen campus amid outbreak
Nicole Lafond / Talking Points Memo: Where Things Stand: Signs That You And Trump Might Be On The Fritz
Philip Bump / Washington Post: It isn't only the elderly who are at risk from the coronavirus
Marley Coyne / Forbes: As Closures Continue Amid Outbreak, Liberty University Welcomes Thousands Of Students Back To Campus
EJ Dickson / Rolling Stone: Jerry Falwell, Jr. Announces Liberty University Will Reopen This Week
Steven L. Taylor / Outside the Beltway: Liberty Set to Welcome Back 5000 Students
Chris Cillizza / CNN: What Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick misses so, so badly in his 'let's get back to work' pledge
Leia Idliby / Mediaite: Liberty University to Welcome Back Students Despite Coronavirus Outbreak, Says Jerry Falwell Jr.
Marty Johnson / The Hill: Liberty University welcomes back students despite coronavirus
Sky Palma / Raw Story: Liberty University professor begs Jerry Falwell Jr not to reopen campus: ‘His current plan is courting a disaster’

Mozilla launches Firefox Better Web with Scroll for Firefox tracking protection and Scroll's ad-free browsing experience for $2.50/mo. for the first six months

ABC, known for drama, is placing a heavier focus on news as broadcast networks see viewers of most-watched cable news anchors rise ~25% over past two weeks

Full third-party cookie blocking and more (

In praise of S3 (

Don't use markdown for documentation (2018) (