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We still have snow cover that is mostly covered by leaves. What a mess.

Sky is overcast now.

Nov 15, 2019 11:52 am EST
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Proof that Trump equals dollars for the media, and that the media is in the entertainment business and not in the information business.

Early Reuters and NBC stories about impeachment hearings emphasized a lack of drama, fueling a social media backlash from those who want substance not theatrics

Outside journalists and maybe political hacks, who has the time and the interest in watching this shitshow?

Brian Stelter / CNN: Ratings for first impeachment hearing show healthy interest and a serious partisan divide
Jay Rosen / @jayrosen_nyu: “But I didn't see reporting and writing that I felt captured [the] momentous nature of what was going on. Instead, I saw how political reporters, faced with facts that overwhelmingly support one political party over another, avoid saying as much.”
Will Thorne / Variety: TV Ratings: Fox News, ABC Draw Big Impeachment Numbers
Lindsey Ellefson / The Wrap: Impeachment Hearing Ratings: ABC Wins in Key Demo, MSNBC Is Last
emptywheel: BREAKING: The First Amendment Is Part of Something Called the Constitution
Courtney Hagle / Media Matters for America: The New York Times is already botching impeachment. Just look at The Daily.
Jennifer Weiner / New York Times: I'm Sorry, Is Impeachment Not Entertaining Enough for You?
Jay Rosen / @jayrosen_nyu: I keep thinking about this from @emptywheel about journalists covering the impeachment hearings as theatre. It's not a struggle between Republicans and Democrats, she writes. “It's a fight between those defending the Constitution and the Republican party.”
Axios: Democrats' problem breaking through on impeachment
Peter Weber / The Week: The 1st Trump impeachment hearing had a little ratings pizzazz after all
Howard Fineman / @howardfineman: Hah, right on, Jay. You think Ed Murrow was thinking ratings first when he and @CBSNews put on the Army-McCarthy hearings?
@danblackroyd: When you're white and you have no skin in the game other than (at best) performative outrage to signal to the kinds of other white people you want in your orbit...this is all just sports.
Axios: On impeachment, dueling right and left echo chambers mean no shared facts
Dan McDermott / @danielpmcdermot: There is no real new info coming out of the hearings. Their only purpose was to draw more attention to this phase of the 3-year effort to undo the @realDonaldTrump election win. @jeffmason1 just stated the obvious. It's a dud and @SpeakerPelosi was right to oppose it. Huge fail.
Dan Gillmor / @dangillmor: Journalism's normalization of routine lawbreaking in this regime has been one of the most disheartening of the craft's recent failures. @emptywheel has the goods:
Philip Bump / Washington Post: What you learned about the impeachment hearing depended on what channel you watched
Brian Stelter / @brianstelter: >> @EricTrump said on Fox that “no one was watching it. No one cares.” What a strange thing to say, since many millions were watching the hearings on Fox and elsewhere.
David M. Perry / @lollardfish: Mason: We have to report Trump's lies and white supremacist rhetoric live because our job is simply to report the news. News: Systemic extortion for personal gain by the president at the expense of national security. Mason: I was bored, but i beat level 2736 of Candy Crush!
Michael Lista / @michaellista: When authoritarians anywhere triumph, it's usually because they're more entertaining than democrats. A Republic, which you couldn't keep, because it wasn't telegenic enough
Oliver Darcy / @oliverdarcy: 4.4 million people tuned into Hannity's alternative universe last night
Brian Stelter / @brianstelter: On day 1 of the televised impeachment hearings, the two most popular TV news channels were the two mostly closely associated with political parties, Fox News and MSNBC.
Jay Rosen / @jayrosen_nyu: “It's a general feature of reporting during the Trump Administration that the press picks and chooses which parts of rule of law they will both-sides, and which they will fiercely defend as an unquestioned value.” By @emptywheel
Kyle Pope / @kylepope: This is a hearing about the impeachment of an American president. That's a lot of things — historic, disruptive, sobering — but the thing it's not is dull. Thinking otherwise represents a failure of journalistic imagination and of telling the story in ways that mattter.
Reuters: Consequential, but dull: Trump impeachment hearings begin without a bang
Dan Froomkin / @froomkin: Media critics/commentators I quoted here: @MSignorile @jayrosen_nyu @sarahkendzior @Toure @digby56 @brianklaas @KevinMKruse @nhannahjones @Sifill_LDF @JoshuaHol
Dan Froomkin / @froomkin: WaPo front-page headline was, when you think about it, complete bullshit. He can't get any “closer”; he's it.
Dan Froomkin / @froomkin: Today's Press Watch includes a shout-out to NYT editor who rewrote the top of the paper's lead story between editions last night. The testimony didn't “draw President Trump closer” to the scandal; it “further implicated” him. He can't get any closer.
David Frum / @davidfrum: For reporters to complain, “no fireworks” is like computer scientists complaining, “It's all just a bunch of 1s and 0s.” We draw salaries precisely because it is our job to convert data into story.
Barbie Zelizer / @bzelizer: Terrifically detailed analysis of media coverage of impeachment by @froomkin: Reuters News Article That Called Impeachment Hearing ‘Dull’ Sparks a Social Media Revolt via @froomkin
Neal Rothschild / @nrothschild3: Democrats are banking on the televised impeachment hearings to sway public opinion in their favor. Unfortunately for them, they operate in a media universe where there are few shared facts or narratives.
Henry Blodget / @hblodget: Respectfully disagree. Democrats are not “banking” on the hearings doing anything other than sharing evidence. They're doing what the Constitution requires. This will be true even if Pres Trump impeached and then acquitted by Senate (likely, in my opinion).
@lolgop: We live in a universe where everyone constantly focuses us on swing voters who are supposedly so susceptible to being swung. And then when these voters may be exposed to the most dramatically obvious case for impeachment in U.S. history the press goes, “Yawn. Needs a car chase.”
Brian Klaas / @brianklaas: This framing is so irresponsible, wrong, and a disservice to democracy. Career public servants testified that the president committed the worst abuse of power in modern US history. They exposed corruption at the highest levels. That is the headline. This isn't a reality TV show.
Jay Rosen / @jayrosen_nyu: Inbox from earlier today: “Hello, Professor Rosen. This is [major media reporter.] I'm writing to ask if you might be able to provide a quick comment about how the impeachment hearing today fared as a TV event and how you think the ratings will be.” I declined.
Mehdi Hasan / @mehdirhasan: .@Reuters should be embarrassed by this piece. Student journalists would have done a better job on such a historic day. But Reuters decided to let Eric Trump write their headline: “Consequential, but dull: Trump impeachment hearings begin without a bang”
Wayne Friedman / MediaPost: Fox News Scores Best Overall Day One Impeachment Views, ABC Tops In 25-54s
Mediaite: 13.1 Million Watched First Impeachment Hearings, With Fox News Most Viewed and CNN Second in Demo
Betsy Rothstein / The Daily Caller: Journos Clobbered For Wanting More ‘Pizzazz’ In Impeachment Hearing
James Poniewozik / New York Times: A Tale of an ‘Irregular Channel,’ Playing on Many Channels

this is disturbing. how can these classless and shameless newspapers not understand why so many people have a low opinion of media orgs?

Amazon's ad for The Report, a movie based on the probe into the CIA after 9/11, wrapped front pages of major papers, with redacted words, mimicking real fronts

Tweet below:

... literally the entire front page of @BostonGlobe is an ad for Amazon's new movie The Report — designed to look like a redacted newspaper. You have to open up to get the real front page.

This occurred with multiple major newspapers. But it's print. I would never know it because I don't read print newspapers, but the fact that these major news orgs succumb to Amazon is disturbing.

Will Sullivan opine in opposition to this stunt? Doubtful since her employer his owned by Bezos.

KC Ifeanyi / Fast Company: ‘The Report’ is a thriller about how we entered the post-truth era
Jim Newton / @newton_jim: Note how differently — and how much more smartly — the NYT handled the same as.
Ed Werder / @werderedespn: I'm a former employee of the @dallasnews and a paid subscriber. This is the first time the DMN has done anything of this sort. The front page has always been sacred. The attempt to confuse the reader into believing an advertisement is news product is the antithesis of journalism.
David Burhenn / @davidburhenn: To be contrasted with the @nytimes
Kevin Roderick / @laobserved: Very, very unfortunate ad wrapper around the front page of today's LA Times. Using the real paper's flag and fate.
Kevin Lerner / @klerner: They weren't alone:
@deb_budd_sw: Saw this in the coffee shop this a.m. and thought it was some right-wing “alt” news rag. Amazon Just Pulled Off the Most Dramatic Front-Page Ad Takeover for ‘The Report’
@dallasnews: Hi Ed, thanks for the note. This was a first for us as we continually try to balance the needs of our advertisers and our readers. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into account as we consider if we'd like to continue to do this in the future.
Ketzi / @ketzigirl: When real world events are so incomprehensible that it took a split second to realize that the “front page” of today's LA Times is actually an ad for THE REPORT. P.S. ⁦@thereportmovie⁩ is a really good (albeit upsetting) film... and this is a really good ad for it.
David Griner / @griner: I like a good front-page wrap ad, but maaaaannnnn this one pushes the tactic into an uncomfortable space.
Bob Shaffer / @bob_shaffer1: Hopefully this doesn't get lost amid Deval Patrick news, but literally the entire front page of @BostonGlobe is an ad for Amazon's new movie The Report — designed to look like a redacted newspaper. You have to open up to get the real front page. #mapoli
Dom DiFurio / @domdifurio: you can't “sell” a front page it's a clearly labeled ad wrap Ed just turn the page it's gonna be fine i promise.
Patrick Reinsborough / @radicalwhispers: My NYT came with provocative full wrap of a heavily redacted front page. A sign of some well-resourced interest breaking from Trump? Nope. Just Amazon cynically exploiting the news cycle to adverise a new movie.
Ed Werder / @werderedespn: The Dallas Morning News today sold out its entire front page - 1A as it is known - as an advertisement. This is journalism? Their real front page is behind this one.
Sharon Boddie / @weebods: #TruthMatters Today we're taking over the front covers and home pages of all major US news publishers. You can also see the full opening scene of the film to see more...
John King / @johnkingsfchron: Okay, this four-page foldover newspaper ad for Annette Bening's new movie “The Report” nails it
Julie Poppen / @helzapoppen: Whaaaa??? I am still annoyed by any even partial ad wrapper obscuring actual front page news...
Corbett Smith / @corbettsmithdmn: RE: the propriety of today's DMN front-page wrap ad. Consider today's news on the death spiral at McClatchy (Star-Telegram's owner), or how the Gannett/Gatehouse merger will ax 1 in 8 employees, and get back to me.
Ann-Christine Diaz / Ad Age: Redacted pages in the New York Times, USA Today, the L.A. Times and more promote Amazon Studios' film ‘The Report’
Tim Rogers / D Magazine: Dallas Morning News Sells Its Soul for Front-Page Ad. (And Good for Them.)