Gabbie and Dominic Notes - October 2019

Wed, Oct 2

CP needed to take Dominic to the doctor for a 4:20 p.m. appointment. Dominic has had cold-like symptoms for a few days. Catherine dropped Gabbie off at our house, shortly after 4:00 p.m.

When CP arrived, parked in our driveway, opened the van side door on Gabbie's side, and Gabbie saw me walk down the sidewalk, Gabbie said "Baw-buh", and she gave me the thumbs up sign from her car seat.

I carried Gabbie inside while CP left. About the first thing that Gabbie did was to start pulling books of our living room bookshelf. The books were mainly art and nature related with a few kids books mixed in.

In typical fashion, Gabbie sat on the floor, pulled a book off the shelf, flipped through the page briefly, and then closed the book, and either handed the book to me with a "Here you go" or she smacked the book down on our wood floor for me to pick up and add to the growing stack or stacks of books on the floor that Gabbie removed from the shelf.

The book removal process lasted for a while, and then Gabbie got up to explore some more. We played the open and close door game or whatever it's called with the door connecting the living room to the computer room. Gabbie closes the door, she knocks or I knock, and then she opens the door, and I give a welcome message, maybe followed by a handshake, rinse and repeat.

Gabbie walked upstairs. She likes to open and close the laundry shoot door, located at the top of the steps. The door has a spring attached that slams shut when the open door is let go.

I dug out a bag of Gabbie toys from the closet in CP's old bedroom. We went back downstairs to the living room and dumped out the toys. We played with the set of numerous small percussion toys. We did this for a good while too. Gabbie enjoyed banging on the many percussion instruments. We made good loud music.

Then Gabbie was on the move again, exploring the first floor, climbing the steps again to play with the laundry shoot, and then she wanted to go outside through the backdoor because we have done that in the past. But it had rained some, and it was drizzling rain, which normally is not an issue with neither Gabbie nor me, but I knew Catherine would be coming by soon, and I didn't want Gabbie to get dirty. I don't know what we would have done, except explore. I should have let her out. I let Barney out back. We could have explored the blooming Sawtooth Sunflowers and the tomatoes. She might picked tomatoes. She likes doing that.

Gabbie grabbed one of my hands and placed my hand on the backdoor knob. She really wanted me to open the door. She kept saying, "I stuck" when she tried to open door. I had the door locked.

Then I pretended to try to open door and struggle to open it and give up and say, "I stuck." I pretended to struggle, and I grunted and groaned, trying to open the door. And then I would pretend to let my hands slip off the door knob, and I would fall away. Gabbie laughed.

Then Gabbie imitated me. She grabbed the knob, made grunting noises, and then she would let go, like she slipped off the knob. Then I would be my turn. We took turns. Even Gabbie pretended to open the door. Maybe she knew that I was faking. She laughed often at my pretending, and I laughed at her fake grunts and pretend struggle with the door. We did this for several minutes.

I let Gabbie give Barney a treat, Pupperoni, and she took the treat and broke it into several small pieces like I have been doing with Barney since February. She saw me do this in Barnesville over the weekend, and when I let Gabbie give Barney at treat in B'ville, she broke it into small pieces, even though I never told her nor showed her how to do it.

I did not expect her to break the treat into pieces today, but she did. And it was not two or three large pieces. She broke it into five or six small pieces like I do. She observes and learns when we don't expect it.