I'm unsure, but this might be another one of those authoritative statements that making personal choices, regarding the environment do nothing, and we need massive, widespread changes forced upon people by governments.

At least twice this year in NPR interviews with people concerned about the changing climate, the people interviewed said that individuals choosing not to travel by planes for pleasure will accomplish nothing.

An opinion in an NY Times article this summer tackled the conundrum with alleged concern about the environment and the desire to travel by plane for pleasure. The opinion writer was still going to travel by plane for a family vacation.

But he planned to clear his conscience by participating in the biggest environmental scam going: buying carbon offsets.

Planting trees should be done regardless. But donating money to some scheme like this does nothing to change the fact that ENERGY WAS CONSUMED.


Repeat after me: the climate crisis is about institutions, not individual choice.

People do not want to diminish their standard of living. If they can afford air travel for pleasure, then they will not stop traveling by plane. If they can afford to cool their homes with air conditioning, then they will not stop using AC. And so on and on and on.

The climate has been changing for as long as Earth has had an atmosphere, which is billions of years. This area of northwest Ohio was under a glacier that was a mile thick, and obviously, now we are not under a glacier. That's climate change. It's not a new discovery. It cannot be denied nor believed because climate simply is. The climate only does one thing: change.

The REAL discussion is about human-induced global warming or human-accelerated global warming. The media and unfortunately the scientific community have no interest in being detailed-accurate.

created Sep 12, 2019