Gabbie and Dominic Notes - September 2019

Mon, Sep 2

Deb and I arrived around 3:15 p.m. Gabbie was excited to see us. After hugs and Gabbie saying "shoes" to instruct us to remove our shoes, we began playing.

We played in the upstairs play area. Deb and I sat on the small chairs at Gabbie's small tea table. We "ate" the play food that Gabbie served us.

Then we played in her bedroom and eventually downstairs and on the steps. Gabbie wanted the balls, which were downstairs. We played with the balls on the steps. Gabbie still likes to enter the downstairs office, looking for something new to dig out.

Around 4:00 p.m., we all piled into the van. CP, Brad, Dominic, Gabbie, Deb, and me. We drove to Blissfield to view nine acres of land that's for sale for around $47K. The land is located at the west edge of town, barely within the corporation limit. The paved road turns to gravel at that location.

The land would have city water. It's a rectangle-like shape. The land contains a decent sized woodlot at the southwest corner of the lot, which could remain. The house building could occur elsewhere on the land, which contains a small number of small to mid-sized trees, scattered. It's interesting. We all took turns walking the land. Then we drove home.

We arrived home after 5:00 p.m. Gabbie went out onto the deck to play in the water. I joined her. Then Gabbie wanted to go into the backyard. She said, "Swing."

We went to the playground equipment. I climbed up the rock wall to the second level. Gabbie climbed up too and joined me, but she did not want to go down the slide. She started to climb back down the rock wall. I went down the slide and helped her down. She climbs up well on ladders and that rock wall thing, but she does not go back down as easily.

Gabbie did not want to swing, and she did not like it when I sat on the swing. We moved on from the playground equipment.

We stayed outside from approx 5:20 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. Gabbie likes to stroll and explore. Gabbie pointed out the numerous Cabbage White butterflies in the backyard, and she went after them.

We walked to the northwest corner of the backyard where a cluster of blooming flowers existed. Numerous Cabbage Whites and bumblebees worked the flowers. I pointed out the butterflies and bees to Gabbie, and she got close to the non-aggressive bumblebees, touching the flowers.

Gabbie wanted out through the north gate of the fenced-in backyard. I obliged. We strolled on the edge of the farm field, walking east two house lots, and then walking back. Gabbie likes to walk in the farm field, which was suppose to grow soybeans this year, but due to the wet spring and early summer conditions, this farmer never planted that field.

But in August, the farmer plowed and planted some kind of crap that is now several inches tall. The green leaves are lobed. I'm unsure what's growing. I picked a couple leaves to show Deb. Gabbie saw me pick the leaves, and then Gabbie picked many more leaves, even though we did not need them. She would pick a leave and give it to me to hold. This went on for a while.

We walked along the west side of the lot on the outside of the fence. Then we walked into the front yard and wandered around, returning to the farm field. We walked all over repeatedly, strolling the farm field, the west side of the outside of the fence, the front yard.

Once or twice while in the front yard, we entered the fence gate by the garage to enter the backyard. Then later we exited the north fence gate again to enter the farm field.

The dogs were in the backyard during the entire time that we were out. At one point, Logan was spazzing along the north side of property while we were on the farm field edge. I thought Logan wanted to be out with us. Then I looked out over the farm field and well to the north in the field were two deer running fast toward the north. I showed Gabbie the deer, and she took off walking to the north. I did not say anything until Gabbie was about 50 yards out into the farm field. I made her come back. The nine acre lot of land in Blissfield might be two small for Gabbie.

Later while in the backyard, we played on the playground equipment again. I climbed the rock wall to the second level and Gabbie climbed up too. We stayed on the second level for a bit. Gabbie looked around. Then we went back down, me on the slide and me helping Gabbie down the rock wall.

Then we played on the swings. I sat on the swing normally while Gabbie laid on the swing face down with her stomach on the swing. I'm positive that I swung on the swings that way as a kid too. I pushed Gabbie while I sat on my swing. Gabbie lifted her feet, which allowed her to swing back and forth while she laid on the swing face down. We did this for at at least 10 minutes.

Then I sat down on one of the plastic Adirondack-style chairs. I directed Gabbie to sit down on the other chair, which she did. I laid back in the chair. The weather was great. Partly to mostly cloudy sky. Storm clouds in the distant east-northeast. Sunshine in the west. Comfortable brisk breeze. It was great weather to be outside.

When I laid back in the chair, I said "Aahhh" with emphasis. Very relaxing. Gabbie did not sit long. She got up from the chair, went to the swing, swung on the swing by herself with the stomach-face-down method. She swung briefly, and then she returned to the chair beside me, laid back in the chair, and she said, "Aahhh." She sat in the chair for only a few seconds. Then she got up, went to the swing, and swung briefly with the stomach-face-down method. Then she came back to the chair, relaxed in the chair and said, "Aahhh." Hilarious. After a few seconds in the chair, she got up and went to the swing and repeated the above over and over, several times.

At one point earlier when we were in the farm field, a nice rainbow formed in the northeast. I showed Gabbie. She said, "Wow" but I'm unsure if she actually saw the rainbow, or if she was trying to act impressed about something Baw-buh showed her. She looked toward a different location than the rainbow when she said "Wow."

I think that was about it for our outdoor adventure.

CP and Brad went out for dinner to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their first date. While Gabs and I were outside, CP and Brad left, and Deb watched Dominic.

After coming back inside, Gabbie ate her late dinner at her drawing table in the living room.

We played some more, and we relaxed, snuggled beside each other on the couch.

Gabbie was still up with CP and Brad returned home. Gabbie went to bed easily at 8:30 p.m., saying "Bye." I held Dominic for a bit.

Brad took Deb and me to see a five acre square-ish lot, located a little east of Telegraph Rd. We all liked this lot better even though it cost $50K and it was smaller than the Blissfield lot, and the Blissfield lot was only about 3/4-mile from downtown Blissfield.

We left CP and Brad's home around 9:30 to 10:00 p.m.

Thu, Sep 5

Sat, Sep 7

Today was Gabbie's third birthday. Wow. Three-years-old already.

At 10:30 a.m., Deb and I met Catherine, Brad, Gabbie, and Dominic at an eight acre lot that was for sale. CP and Brad's realtor friend Ben also met us at the lot. Ben had nice things to say about the lot.

Anyway, while the adults and Dominic talked shop, Gabbie and I wandered over much of the lot. Gabbie picked up sticks and branches. I used a large branch as a walking stick. Gabbie used a smaller branch for her walking stick, mimicking how I used the walking stick.

The west end of the lot contains an acre or more of trees, shrubs, and prairie flowers. Gabbie liked to pull up the flowers, saying, "I stuck," which caused me to intervene to cut the flower stalk.

We walked to the south edge that contains a wall of tall, mature pine trees. The lot used to be farmed. Now it contained grass about six inches tall. Someone must mow it occasionally. They mowed down some of the prairie plants recently.

Once again, Gabbie enjoyed strolling, walking, wandering, meandering, and exploring. That big lot would be no match for Gabbie.

We spent a little over one hour on the lot. Then we ate lunch at Erie Restaurant, located in downtown Erie, which was only about a seven-minute drive away from the lot.

I ordered the Lake Erie yellow perch sandwich plain. It came with their homemade potato chips. I sat next to Gabbie. She ate her hamburger slider, fries, and applesauce.

At point at the table while Deb held Dominic, and the two faced each other, Dominic let out a loud, brief, yelling screech of delight. At first, I did not know where the sound came from. Dominic gets loud when he's excited and having fun.

After eating and while still inside the bar/restaurant, Gabbie wanted to stroll. Two big mounted buffalo heads hang on the walls. We got up close to those giants. Then Gabbie wanted to play pool. I wondered if she remembered playing with the pool stick, whacking billiard balls on the pool table at the Air BnB house in Tennessee last September.

She could see the billiard balls, stored inside the pool table on the side. She tried to use the coin machine. I did not have any change. She tried to get me to release the billiard balls.

After leaving the restaurant, CP and Brad went home. Deb and I briefly browsed the Bay Creek store, since it was open for the weekend.

A small gathering for Gabbie's birthday was held at Rhonda and Jody's house. It was us six adults and Dominic and Gabbie. Deb and I arrived a little after 4:30 p.m. We went inside the house.

Gabbie took me to her bedroom to show me her cool room, setup, and toys. We played in her bedroom, and she took toys to the living room. Then we moved outside to eat. Jody smoked salmon and chicken, which tasted great.

After eating, Gabbie took me to the front yard to run around. Gabbie explored, pulling bark off oak trees, poking sticks into small holes, left by either cicadas or something else. Regardless, Gabbie explored.

We played a little hide and seek among the several oak trees in the front yard. I would hide behind a tree, and Gabbie would search for me, and then run fast toward me. I picked her up and swung her.

I was surprised at how fast Gabbie ran. Her speed has increased, and her coordination has improved.

Gabbie liked to climb up onto the front porch landing and climb back down even though three or four steps existed. Obviously, climbing was preferred.

At one point when we sat on the porch, I got my notebook out to draw birds. It seemed that Gabbie said the word "bird" twice, which would be a first.

After playing out front for a long time, we sat back down at the table outside to eat the doughnut cake, which came from Bakery Unlimited in West Toledo. Then we moved inside.

We played some inside, but we also relaxed, watching a Gabbie movie before CP and Brad took the kids home around 8:00 p.m. Deb and I left too. It was a pleasant, fun, food-delicious gathering for Gabbie's third birthday.

Mon, Sep 9

I did not see Gabbie, but today was Gabbie's first day of preschool. We learned that when CP left Gabbie, that Gabbie cried for a few minutes, but then she was fine. The school texted a photo of Gabbie playing with toys and a photo of Gabbie holding hands with two kids as they strolled the playground. I'm guessing that Gabbie grabbed their hands and led from the middle.

When Gabbie got home from school, she wanted to chat with me or CP called me for Gabbie who had a lot to say. I think that she was wound up with excitement, and she wanted to discuss her experience. I could not understand what she said. Preschool lasts three or four hours, and Gabbie goes two days per week.

Wed, Sep 11

When CP took Gabbie to preschool, Gabbie walked off toward the school without saying goodbye to Catherine. It was obvious that Gabbie was excited to be back to school, and she enjoys it.