Links and Notes - Wed, Aug 28, 2019


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toledo mayor's wade k is acting like an asshole.

Mayor passes on ag's offer for site visits

The mayor contends the issue “has been settled” by scientists who have spent years studying algal blooms.

farm run-off is the top reason by far, but it's not the only contributing factor to lake erie's algae bloom.

raw sewage run-off into our rivers and streams contributes too, and that's due to toledo's broken infrastructure that is undergoing a many years long process to be repaired. it's not an overnight process to replace toledo's ancient sewage pipes.

a few years ago, wade's beloved scientists listed many contributing factors, including lawn chemicals. maybe wade should lead the charge to outlaw the use of lawn chemicals. does toledo city government use toxic lawn chemicals?

What's in America's water? More than you think

Residue from chemicals, common products, represent new threat to water quality.

Lisa Kutschbach-Brohl, chief executive of the park district and chairman of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, said the purchase comes shortly after an 8-acre parcel was added in July.

“Wet woodland is some of the rarest habitat on the Great Lakes,” she said. “And a lot of these wet woodlands have disappeared up and down the shore and on the islands.”