Gabbie Notes - Wed, Aug 28, 2019

1119 am arrived
Naked Gabs. Thumbs up.
"Down". "Hug"

Box of toys LR to BR. Floor then teepee.

Got blankie from LR. I went. D sitting up turned head toward me. G waved me back to BR. "Here".

Played in TP. And played airplane on BR floor.

11:46 "Ball" g wanted to find the balls. We went downstairs.

Rolled balls down railings.

Book from upstairs, read on steps and took book DS.


12:00 put on big sunglasses in basement.

12:03 dug out old toy from basement office.

12:04 g had me get out a small cart from office.

1210 lunch blueberries cheese roast beef lunch meat water you hurt done at 12:30

In BR TP crayons coloring book birds

1236 tea table kitchen serving me food.
Tried to put a tiny bib on me.
Tea cup under couch.
Hat on pink flowers

1248 BR with more toys


1253 g got more toys from play area into BR !! Floor covered. TP floor has toys .
Necklace and bracelets.

1:00 pm CP said nap time to G who said "No"

1:02 LR g draped with blankie. "Donkey"
1:12 Dominic chatty and looking around standing in bouncy toy.

1:20 I changed G diaper. Then she handed me remote. She wanted to watch "Wawn-uh".

128 pm I dialed up Moana.

131 CP told G it was naptime. No protest. She carried in her horse stable. Said "Bye" to me.

2:10 - 4:10 D

3:49 G up pounding on door

G word for bird
Ee gat
Eye gat

4:16 BR basket toys

"Pizza" "cheese"

4:24 more box toys in BR

4:30 "down" g wanted to go downstairs.

Reading book downstairs. "Bear"


Found small flashlight in office and went upstairs at 5:07

Play area upstairs Gabbie stacking foam blocks and knocking them down and saying Oh no!

Also says Oh yeah

5:34 we both Cary same box of toys into BR and g lorders me into TP by pointing and saying here

5:45 I'm still seated inside TP. Gabbie on outside handing me toys one and two at a time. Animals. Kitchen and food toys. I have them set up on TP floor. Quite the display.

5:53 dinner


6:14 bath time for G.
Dom sits on chair on bathroom sink


637 jump bed

I left at 7pm.