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Toledo 7-day forecast
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Today: A slight chance of showers before 10am. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 84. West wind 8 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 57. Northwest wind 5 to 11 mph.

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Saturday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 61.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 85.

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Monday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 84.

Monday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 63.

Tuesday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a high near 81. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Tuesday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 64. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 81.


Pacific Standard EIC says its board is shutting down the publication from next Friday after its primary funder cut off funding

Christine Schmidt / Nieman Lab: Pacific Standard is shutting down, cut off from its major foundation funder
Los Angeles Times: Pacific Standard magazine is shutting down after losing main financial backer
Joel Mathis / The Week: The sad decline of journalism
Kaye Toal / @ohkayewhatever: Maris is an icon — a wonderful friend and soother of anxiety, editor extraordinaire, incredibly talented writer, and all-around A+ human. Hire her to do everything and anything that pays her heaps of money (and thank your lucky stars you have access to her talents tbh!!)
James Hamblin / @jameshamblin: Please subscribe to journalism. Even if you don't read it, you get a tote bag. Otherwise places vanish instantly. Or they turn desperate and clickbaity, and then vanish. Most could've been saved if people were willing to pay like $2 a month.
Sara Libby / @saralibby: It baffles me every single day that there aren't 100 more news outlets that write from a West Coast perspective. Now there's one fewer.
Lydia DePillis / @lydiadepillis: Heartbroken by the loss of @PacificStand and @GOVERNING in one day. Both in their own ways did essential, hard to monetize work.
Dylan Matthews / @dylanmatt: Pacific Standard was the best dedicated source for social science coverage anywhere, and routinely put out stories that made me burn with jealousy that I didn't think of them first or do them as well. The world will be worse without it.
Isabela Dias / @isabelaalhadeff: I feel for my colleagues at @PacificStand and all the amazing work they've been doing. For a brief moment, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to work on meaningful stories with extremely generous editors. Can only hope we'll all find that elsewhere.
Sophie Kasakove / @sophiekasakove: So sad about this and for the team @PacificStand, which is so talented + good to their freelancers. @ben_c_rowen is an amazing editor, hire him! and any editors looking for reporting on housing/infrastructure/climate, PS was my main gig, so get in touch!
Anne Helen Petersen / @annehelen: This is who made the decision to shut down an entire publication with a week's notice, right after allowing them to hire a bunch of new people, many of whom left other jobs to be there.
Chris Hayes / @chrislhayes: This is really awful. Pacific Stand did incredible work.
Felix Salmon / @felixsalmon: In case you were wondering who the “primary funder” is, it's these guys, and specifically Sara Miller McCune. This is on her. ...
Jgz / @jennygzhang: .@PacificStand does good, important work. it's an indictment of this industry that the survival of independent publications like pacific standard, topic, the nib is predicated on the capricious whims of wealthy benefactors. the hollowing out of media continues
Ryan Jacobs / @ryanj899: I've worked @PacificStand for more than 5 years, & I am so proud of what @nbj914 & I built. I was so excited to pub brilliant work by colleagues I'd just hired: @JBrianCharles, @jonahshai, and @sophiemurguia. Please hire them & all the other journalists who lost their jobs today.
Dr. Steven W. Thrasher / @thrasherxy: Pacific Standard was a gem. Maybe... Maybe...the need for a robust press can't just be left in the hands of the mega rich, who can walk away from a pub's mission or staff at anytime? Maybe...we need an economically just society where a robust
Smith / @strangerworks: Yearning for the simpler days when we could just blame anti-competitive mergers, management consultants, and failure to adapt to the internet for the decimation of journalistic publications, instead of just being ghosted by rich people.
Ian Hurley / @ianhurley77: We were all so excited to see the great stories @mariskreizman was going to help bring to the world with @Ted_Scheinman and I'm devastated that it wasn't allowed to come to pass.
Southpaw / @nycsouthpaw: I would like to know: - Who is @PacificStand's primary funder? - Would sufficient fundraising in some amount be enough to change the board's decision or are they determined to close it down?
Jami Attenberg / @jamiattenberg: I wrote Maris a reference letter for this job. I am happy to write another one or discuss Maris's qualifications with you. Just ask.
Sam Dean / @samaugustdean: Everyone we spoke to said that the Pacific Standard shutdown was “totally abrupt”—stories were still in the works, the numbers were going up, and the decision to pull the plug remains mysterious.
Jamil Smith / @jamilsmith: Thread. The sudden, willful end of @PacificStand is a loss for journalism in Southern California, and yet another reminder of the continued and unnecessary fragility of our industry. Reporters who joined this magazine weeks ago just lost their jobs abruptly, seemingly on a whim.
Felipe De La Hoz / @felipedlh: The cost of running a shop like Pacific Standard is negligible in comparison to the quality of its work, and yet funders are again unwilling to supply even that. The news is not free, folks, and everyone but the powerful and the corrupt is worse off as the industry contracts
Emily Tamkin / @emilyctamkin: We say “god this industry” a lot but to be clear this industry is informed by people with power making choices. (Yes I broke my hiatus again to say I am so, so sorry to the whole @PacificStand team. I know it rings hollow now but you should be so proud of what you built.)
Talia Lavin / @chick_in_kiev: just one day in my life i want there to be lifegiving news about good journalism in this country, not heartbreak after heartbreak :(
Rachel Cohen / @rmc031: .@Tomsteyer should spent 5 percent less on running for president and fund Pacific Standard
J. Clara Chan / The Wrap: Pacific Standard Magazine to Shut Down

How Hacker News moderators Daniel Gackle and Scott Bell practice a personal and slow approach, engaging with users in e-mail chains that can last for years

9th Circuit says users can sue Facebook over unlawful use of facial recognition (


Facebook has been granted patent on shadow banning (,356,024.PN.&OS=PN/10,356,024&RS=PN/10,356,024
Show HN: Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript (

Personal Website for Programmers (

Living Off the Land in Linux (

Who Owns Your Wireless Service? Crooks Do (

How to Get into Farming with No Money (1980) (

The Death of Social Reciprocity in the Era of Digital Distraction (

Linux Journal Ceases Publication: An Awkward Goodbye (

Why is modern web development so complicated? (

because "modern" web development is synonymous with unnecessarily complexity and bloat.

Craigslist does not use modern web development, at least by today's moronic definition, and yet Craigslist continues to be a utility for many people.

There was nothing, technologically or organizationally, preventing web development from becoming so complicated, such that websites whose desired functionality would be satisfied by static html are now several meg of thousands of lines of javascript on top of a few dozen included libraries. There was nothing preventing that. Therefore, it happened.

Developers don't really feel like pointing out, "you should get rid of me and just pay for someone to do html". Managers don't really feel like pointing out "the project I'm managing doesn't really deserve a team of developers, you should take them away from me." The designers don't feel like pointing out "all we really need is to put this well-formatted text on a page with the company logo on the top and one or two image files, and that will communicate the information just fine, you can get rid of me." The even-higher-ups don't really feel like pointing out "I don't need to hire all these people, you can take this VC money and return it to the original investors". The VC's don't feel like pointing out, "there's not really a use for this much money in the tech world right now, so you can just stick it in a bank account and wait for a real need."

So, it doesn't happen, because there was nothing to prevent it.

You mean my yelling at cloud opposition to the nonsense is not working?

And because nothing has stopped web design from becoming stupidly complex and bloated, we have one main web rendering engine. Google's.

I'll have to read through that thread some day. It contains over 600 comments. I have yet to see a geek make the connection between the complex, bloated web and the lack of top tier web rendering engines.

Website Builder Webflow (YC S13) Went from Near Bankruptcy to $72M Series A (

Sources: Facebook offered millions to ABC News, Dow Jones, Washington Post, and Bloomberg to license their content for a Facebook news section to debut in 2019

blame the media for enslaving themselves to social media. don't blame facebook for selling snake oil.

A Brazil Supreme Court minister bars the Bolsonaro administration from investigating The Intercept Brasil and Glenn Greenwald for their reporting

looks like more media whining.

Freelancer Kim Kelly describes how NPR parted ways with her citing her “activist stance”, after Tucker Carlson aired a segment about her

Sam Thielman / @samthielman: This is just an astounding paragraph to me. Did you fire me over a Tucker segment about my tweets advocating for civil disobedience against the baby-snatching race police? Yup, we sure did!
NPR: Special Section: Social Media
Seth Dee Michaels / @sethdmichaels: ACORN got bullied out of existence a decade ago and we haven't learned anything
Zack Furness / @punkademic: @GrimKim is an incredible writer and this is an excellent article she just penned about what it means to be a politically outspoken journalist in the Trump era.
Craig Newmark / @craignewmark: After NPR drops freelancer, a conversation about objectivity via @cjr @GrimKim
Liz Ryerson / @ellaguro: if you're going to write criticism to not “be political” and not offend anyone because it interferes with your “objectivity” esp in 2019, why the fuck would you write criticism to begin with? just go do PR work for some vampire - it makes more money.
Sarah Weinman / @sarahw: It isn't just that NPR was wrong for severing ties with @GrimKim; it is the cowardly, victim-blaming manner in how they severed those ties.
Kim Kelly / @grimkim: I would've liked for my @CJR debut to have been on just about anything else, but such is 2019. This is the story of how an attack by FOX's top white supremacist propagandist—and my “activist stance”—cost me a @nprmusic freelance gig I'd had since 2011
Nathaniel Friedman / @freedarko: Demanding that critics be apolitical is always a political stance.
Radley Balko / @radleybalko: In addition to everything else that's wrong about this, isn't it sorta' weird to say a music critic shouldn't express opinions about politics? They're paid to be opinionated. And politics is a pretty essential part of music.
Noah Berlatsky / @nberlat: .@NPR lets Tucker Carlson dictate their hiring choices. Fascist collaboration doesn't get much clearer than that
Lara Witt / @femmefeministe: “This is not a time for civility, or decorum, or milquetoast liberal hand-wringing; the US is in the midst of a full-blown crisis, and we should not be quiet about it, even if that does spook a couple of editors along the way.” By @GrimKim for @CJR
Sam Thielman / @samthielman: .@nprmusic fired a critic explicitly over a Tucker Carlson segment about her. This isn't a James Damore “fired for truth” thing where somebody got canned for insulting a protected class, this is @GrimKim's dislike of sitting politicians costing her a job.
Morgan Phillips / Mediaite: Reporter Claims She Was Fired By NPR After Tucker Carlson Blasted Her in a Segment

from the shitcanned journalist's whining opinion:

But what does this mean going forward—for NPR, for me, and for journalism more broadly? Can a critic be an activist?

That depends upon the employee handbook for each media org. Don't like it, then go elsewhere or change professions. It's simple.

Some airline pilots and surgeons might like to smoke dope, and maybe some do, depending upon the type of flying and the type of surgery being conducted. But if airlines and hospitals say, "No" to drug usage even though the drugs might be legal for everyone else to use, then that's business. Don't be a commercial airline pilot nor a surgeon if you want to do drugs.

Maybe NPR wants their freelance reporters to cover the news and not become the news. If so, that's a new paradigm for media orgs. It's old.

This is supreme media whining. Apparently, the so-called reporter believes that EVERY media org operates the same way.

Arts criticism comes from the heart and the gut; cutting out the human parts—our opinions—leaves the whole thing bloodless. I could never separate the personal from the political, nor do I have the luxury of pretending I can. I might try to tone it down a little on Twitter (at least until the post-Tucker harassment tapers off), ...

That's problem number one through ten: the reporter uses Twitter, the cesspool of the internet.

... but I’m not going to allow myself to be bullied or intimidated into silence.

The reporter is a FREElancer. How can a freelancer be bullied? The freelancer is free to write for any media org.

This freelancer became "not a good fit" for NPR. That's all.

Here's the typical fear-and-rage, hyperbolic nonsense spewed by journalists.

This is not a time for civility, or decorum, or milquetoast liberal hand-wringing; the US is in the midst of a full-blown crisis, and we should not be quiet about it, even if that does spook a couple of editors along the way.

As usual, this reporter should start his/her own media org and run it however the person desires. Otherwise, the freelancer will have to comply with the guidelines created by the media orgs. It's not hard. Whiners make it hard.

iHeartMedia debuts Sunday Night Podcasts, to air its top podcasts across 270 broadcast radio stations across the US, every Sunday

this looks like a real war on the media, and it's not occurring in the united states.

Journalists in Kashmir struggle to report due to a communications blackout; most English and Urdu language papers in Srinagar have not published since Monday

Sonaksha / @sonakshaiyengar: “I told them I am a reporter. They replied: ‘Everything is over now, go back’,” he said. This is NOT A DEMOCRACY. #EndKashmirBlockade @AJENews
Zahid Gishkori / @zahidgishkori: Kashmir journalists struggle to tell their stories amid clampdown. Continued media blackout and restrictions on journalists' ability to report in Kashmir is absolutely unacceptable & violation of human rights. @AJENews
Cpj Asia / @cpjasia: The ongoing communications blackout and restrictions on journalists' ability to report in Kashmir during a critical time is absolutely unacceptable and a violation of citizens' democratic and human rights. @HMOIndia should lift these blocks immediately.
Sasha Ingber / NPR: Tensions Continue High Over Kashmir, With 500 Arrests And A Communications Blackout
Imtiaz Alam / @imtiazalamsafma: On behalf of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) I endorse CPJ Asia's valid concerns about the suppression of media freedom in Kashmir and appeal to all media bodies to raise voice against the restrictions imposed on them, which may further undermine the human rights
Hasan Patel / @hasanpatel: This is a good example of an on ground story from #kashmir to @AJENews “Life in Kashmir comes to a grinding halt amid India's clampdown” helps when there are Kashmiri journalists like @ShowkatShafi
Alexandra Ma / Business Insider: The phone and internet blackout in Kashmir is so total that locals reportedly don't know India rewrote …

NYT Considers Action Against Editor Who Constantly Posts Stupid Tweets

stupid tweets? simply using twitter is stupid. no journalists would be left if media orgs took action against every journalist who stupidly uses twitter.

is this more media whining? sometimes it seems journalists have the mentality of a 13-year-old.