Fish and Chips in the Toledo Area

created Jul 12, 2019

Toledo sub-Reddit thread:

... Port Clinton will get you Jolly Roger's. Probably the best lake perch and chips I've had in NW Ohio.

Upso posted in that thread too:

Keep an eye out for Rusty’s food truck. Best fried fish in NWOhio IMHO.

Unless something has changed with that food truck, I disagree with that suggestion. I tried their fish and chip a couple years ago, and I didn't finish the meal. I disliked the coating.

I need try the Seafood Co restaurant, located in Sylvania. It has been more than 15 years since I last visited that spot.

The best Lake Erie yellow perch sandwich that I have had around here is a bit further away at the Captain's Corner bar, located on Kelley's Island.

Since Toledo resides next to Lake Erie, then walleye and yellow perch sandwiches and meals should be more prevalent.

For non-Lake Erie fish, I always get the pan fried rainbow trout meal with french fries at the Beirut restaurant, located in West Toledo.

Another comment from the Toledo subreddit thread:

Tackle Box 2 in Fremont is also fantastic. A pound of perch or walleye and good fries.

Another suggestion:

I second Jolly Roger's, Takle Box 2 and add New Sandusky Fish co. It's a hole in the wall without any indoor seating right on the lake in Sandusky so I would combine with a day trip. ( plenty of tourists activities in the area ) They have picnic tables outside and there is a gazebo across the street. The fish is fres, caught daily and has a light, delicious batter. The meals are served with steak fries and an excellent slaw. My favorite in the 419 area code.

User Anniecski, like Upso also contributed to, said about Jolly Rogers:

Their breading is very light, so the fish is the star. Beer battering a lake perch is a terrible practice— it makes it hard to find the fish in all that fried goop.

Jolly Roger’s cole slaw is amazing, too. They mix in horseradish for a bit of a bite.

I think that Rusty's food truck used a thick flour or beer battering, which I have never enjoyed on fried fish. I prefer a very thin, granular coating on fried fish.

More from that subreddit thread:

Local Thyme in Whitehouse, OH

Wild Wings in Oak Harbor, OH

Jolly Rodgers in Port Clinton, OH

We saw Local Thyme in downtown Whitehouse last Saturday during our kayaking trip to Blue Creek, which is located in Whitehouse too. That was the first time that I have visited downtown Whitehouse in more than 10 years, maybe more than 15 years. So much to see and do in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, but we don't have the time for it all.

Another suggestion from that thread:

Manhattan's is my current favorite for an in town place.

We enjoy dining at Manhattan's, which is located in the Uptown area of downtown Toledo. I'll have to try the fish next time.

Aug 10, 2019

After picking peaches at Erie Orchards, we ate lunch at Erie Restaurant, located in downtown Erie, Michigan. I ordered the perch sandwich. I did not ask, but I'm certain that it was yellow perch. It was a small sandwich. Thin fish slices. Lightly coated with a granular coating, which I prefer. It was excellent. They make their own potato chips, which is not the real "chip" in fish and chips, but the potato chips were good.