Links and Notes - Thu, Jul 11, 2019

4:53 p.m.

Toledo Express Airport (KTOL)
Jul 11, 2019 3:52 pm EDT
Weather : Mostly Cloudy
Temperature : 89 F
Humidity : 41%
Wind Speed : WNW 10 mph
Barometer : 29.81 in
Dewpoint: 62 F
Visibility : 10.00 statute miles
Heat Index : 90 F

Toledo Executive Airport (KTDZ)

Toledo Suburban Airport (KDUH)
Jul 11, 2019 4:20 pm EDT
Weather : Partly Cloudy
Temperature : NA F
Humidity : 0%
Wind Speed : WNW 8 mph
Barometer : 29.81 in
Dewpoint: NA F
Visibility : 10.00 statute miles

12:03 p.m.

The EAWP is singing near our backyard. I wonder how much longer it will keep singing. I'm guessing that it never mated.

Date and Time: 04:47 PM, Thu, Jul 11, 2019
Summary: Mostly Cloudy
Air Temp: 86 F
Dew Point: 63 F
Humidity: 46 %
Wind Direction: Northwest
Wind Speed: 7 mph
Wind Gust: 11 mph
Apparent Air Temp: 87 F
Pressure: 29.79 inches
UV Index: Moderate : 4.0
Cloud Cover: 54 % : Partly Cloudy
Precip Probability: 0 %
Precip Intensity: 0.0 : No Precip
Precip Type:
Visibility: 9.223 miles
Nearest Precip Distance: 64 miles
Nearest Precip Bearing: Northeast

11:28 a.m.

Still good robin activity on our backyard with sunning and foraging activity occurring.

11:08 a.m.

At 11:03 a.m., I saw seven AMRO sprawled on our backyard, sunning themselves. Some flatten themselves on the ground. Some lie on their sides. Mouths open, of course. It's funny.

For the seven, three splayed on the oval flower bed near the south side of our house, two laid on the lawn nearby, and two laid on the dirt along the east edge of the middle oval flower bed.

All seven appeared to be a mix of adult males and females. No youngsters. An eighth AMRO foraged closer to the house. The robins must be group up before moving on. Our neighborhood robins will leave this month if they have not left already.

Have the robins that nested in our yard left the area? Are these robins birds that are moving around, getting ready to make a larger movement? All of sudden, numerous robins have been hanging around our home this week. Prior to this week, I would see two or three robins at one time in our yard.

After July, the robin sightings that occur in our neighborhood, usually occur in the fall as migrating robins moving through, stopping for a bit. October is a good month for migrating robins in our neighborhood. Maybe November too.

10:36 a.m.

Six AMRO were on our back yard. At least three were young birds. Two were sunning. Two were in the sun, preening.

10:33 a.m.

Two robins and a grackle laid on the ground on one side, sunning themselves. The robins lounged on the dirt area of our former produce garden, and the grackle slouched on the lawn near that dirt area.

9:26 a.m.

Near the end of my walk this morning with Barney and as we approached our house from the west, I saw five AMRO on our front yarn. One was anting. Two other birds flew low along the ground toward the house. I could not tell if they were AMRO or grackles. May have had seven AMRO on our front yard.

Right now, an adult male AMRO was sunning himself on the oval flower bed, located near the south side of our house. A fledgling AMRO foraged closer to the house. A little while ago, the adult female AMRO sunned herself while lounging on the west spirea flower bed. Currently, the adult female AMRO was foraging on the dirt area that used to be our produce garden.

I decided not to build a patio where our fenced-in produce garden existed. Two or three weeks ago, I removed most of the soil to make room for a gravel bed, a layer of sand, and the pavers. But since we have a detached garage, located at the southeast corner of our backyard, we already have a lot of concrete in our backyard.

Instead of a produce garden and a patio, I'll convert the rectangle to a mix of lawn grass and a semicircle-like flower bed. I'll move the patio table and chairs next to this new soon-to-be flower bed.

Yesterday, I finished moving the soil back to the former produce garden. I moved some back on Tuesday and the rest yesterday. I had piles of dirt located along the west side of the garage, the west spirea bed, and along the west side of our house. I did not spread out those dirt piles two weeks ago because I was still undecided about whether to install a patio.

Three weeks ago, I removed a good bit of the former garden soil and spread it out near the back door. This area used to contain a lot of Oak Openings Region native flowers, but we had them removed two years ago, which was not my idea. Some OO natives, however, survived the purge and grew last year and again this year. Last year, I planted 18 tomato plants in this area. I may manage a small lettuce garden this winter and next spring in the area near our backdoor.

After I tore down the fencing and boards that comprised the raised beds of our produce garden, I spread the soil out, and it the dirt was mounded higher than the surrounding lawn. I removed a few inches of this soil and spread it by the back door area. This is good soil. I may have to return some back to the former garden area because the ground now seems at or slightly below the level of the surrounding lawn. And since the former garden area is now very soft with the soil that I returned yesterday, the ground will probably sink more after settling.

I don't remove too much of the good garden soil from the backdoor area. I may have to buy some bagged topsoil from Black Diamond Nursery to fill out the former, fenced-in garden location.

I'll let the former garden area settle over the next few weeks. In late July or early August, I'll spread grass seed, and I might move some hostas that are located out of sight along the west side of the house to the new flower bed.

In mid-June, Deb brought home an egg carton that contained dirt and tiny tomato plants, started from seeds by Joe V who brought the seeds back from Italy. The tomatoes were only one to two inches tall, which is tiny for mid-June in northern Ohio.

I placed the egg carton outside. At that time, our weather was still unseasonably cool, wet with a lot of overcast. I thought about leaving the egg carton inside until the tomatoes got a little taller, but I figured that being outside even with overcast light was better than being inside near a window. And receiving rainfall is always better than filtered tap water. I was concerned that tiny tomato plants would get crushed by the rain, but they didn't.

Two days after Deb brought the tomato plants home, I transplanted them into 10 small plant containers. These small containers had a diameter at the top of the containers of around five inches. I used soil from our former produce garden. And I added Espoma organic tomato plant food. The tiniest tomato plant fizzled quickly or disappeared for some reason, leaving plants in nine containers.

I collected rain and used that to water the plants, until I ran out of the rain water, and then I used filtered tap water. The tomato plants did well in the small containers, placed atop our patio table with the table positioned to receive maximum sunshine, which is around four to five hours per day. What helped the tomato plants grow quickly was the nearly two-week stretch of hot weather. Several 90-degree days and warm, humid nights helped a lot.

On Monday, July 10, 2019, I transplanted the nine tomato plants to containers that I have used in the past to grow tomatoes. I bought a few more containers at Black Diamond, since I did not have enough. The thin, black plastic plant containers varied in size between three and five gallons. For the soil that I used in these containers, I used a mix of our garden soil and a bag of organic soil that I bought at Black Diamond. I bought big bag, and I used it all. I also added more Espoma tomato plant food to these containers. And a lot of water.

On Monday, July 11 before transplanting the tomato plants, the plants were around 12-inches tall, which is about the size of the tomato plants that I would buy in May or June. They are still way behind size-wise, but if the plants can grow enough to produce flowers by Labor Day, then the plants should produce green fruit in the fall. Even if the tomatoes don't ripen on the vine, they will have grown enough to produce seeds, and they should ripen indoors. I mainly want the seeds to try to grow again next year.

Of the nine tomato plants, some of the plants contain multiple stalks. I think that these are separate tomato plants. Joe may have placed more than one tomato seed in each egg carton well. I should have separated them when I transplanted on Monday. I think today, I will dig up those tomato plants with multiple stalks and separate them and place the extra stalks in the area near our backdoor. I might get seven to nine more tomato plants from this procedure. I don't want to buy more containers. I don't want nearly 18 containers of tomatoes on our back driveway.

The containers allow me to move the tomato plants in the fall to grab as much sunshine as possible. But planting near the back door is a good spot for fall sunshine too.

7:04 a.m.

Upstairs bedroom window fan thermometer read 79 degrees this morning. On Monday and Tuesday mornings this week, the fan thermometer read 61 and 62 degrees respectively.

We only experienced a brief period of very light rain yesterday, barely enough to wet the concrete. Heavier rains occurred south of us. Unless we receive a rain shower this weekend, we could be entering an extended period of dry weather.

Toledo Express Airport (KTOL)
Jul 11, 2019 7:00 am EDT
Weather :
Temperature : NA F
Humidity : 0%
Wind Speed : Calm
Barometer : NA in
Dewpoint: NA F
Visibility : NA statute miles

Toledo Executive Airport (KTDZ)
Jul 11, 2019 6:53 am EDT
Weather : Fair
Temperature : 73 F
Humidity : 84%
Wind Speed : S 5 mph
Barometer : 29.87 in
Dewpoint: 68 F
Visibility : 10.00 statute miles

Toledo Suburban Airport (KDUH)
Jul 11, 2019 6:55 am EDT
Weather : Fair
Temperature : 73 F
Humidity : 87%
Wind Speed : Calm
Barometer : 29.86 in
Dewpoint: 69 F
Visibility : 10.00 statute miles

Date and Time: 07:00 AM, Thu, Jul 11, 2019
Summary: Clear
Air Temp: 75 F
Dew Point: 68 F
Humidity: 79 %
Wind Direction: North
Wind Speed: 2 mph
Wind Gust: 2 mph
Apparent Air Temp: 76 F
Pressure: 29.84 inches
UV Index: Low : 0.0
Cloud Cover: 0 % : Clear
Precip Probability: 0 %
Precip Intensity: 0.0 : No Precip
Precip Type:
Visibility: 9.669 miles
Nearest Precip Distance: 50 miles
Nearest Precip Bearing: South-Southeast

Toledo 7-day forecast
Last Update: Jul 11, 2019 6:25 am

Today: Mostly sunny, with a high near 87. West wind 5 to 10 mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 63. North wind 7 to 10 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 84. North wind around 6 mph.

Friday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 64. West wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Saturday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3pm. Sunny, with a high near 87. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Saturday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms before 9pm. Partly cloudy, with a low around 65. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 85.

Sunday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 66.

Monday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 88.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 70.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 90.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 71.

Wednesday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny, with a high near 89. Chance of precipitation is 40%.


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The president went on to criticize “the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain” social media companies and warned that “we will not let them get away with it much longer.”

“The Fake News is not as important, or as powerful, as Social Media. They have lost tremendous credibility since that day in November, 2016, that I came down the escalator with the person who was to become your future First Lady,” Trump continued, appearing to confuse the date of his election 2½ years ago with the June 2015 announcement of his first presidential campaign, at which he famously descended a Trump Tower escalator.

“When I ultimately leave office in six … years, or maybe 10 or 14 (just kidding), they will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility, or approval, from the public,” Trump tweeted. “That’s why they will all be Endorsing me at some point, one way or the other.”

????????? cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. ??????????

Prez Trump continued:

He added: “Could you imagine having Sleepy Joe Biden, or @AlfredENeuman99, … or a very nervous and skinny version of Pocahontas (1000/24th), as your President, rather than what you have now, so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius!”

Great day in the morning.

Trump, who last referred to himself as an “extremely stable genius” in May, has deployed those nicknames to mock Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, respectively.

Stable genius?

Not only does the “social media summit” empower pro-Trump influencers to cry censorship, it may also be a political tool to prevent enforcement of content rules

of course, it's not censorship, since neither free speech nor censorship has ever existed on platforms.

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The findings raise questions about free speech, terrorism, and the policing of online extremism. While mainstream platforms have made some efforts to kick white supremacists off their websites, they may just be driven further underground where it’s even harder to monitor radicalization and threats.

8chan doesn’t keep complete archives, for example, in part because of child pornography present on many pages. But researchers believe that 8- and neinchan contain even more extreme white supremacist content than 4chan. None of the chan sites can be easily shut down because they operate under uncertain ownership and can easily switch to different servers if a company refuses to host their content. There haven't, however, been reported attempts by governments to do so — although there has been some debate over whether shutting down the chans could drive extremists even further off the grid.

These days, 4chan is still home to mundane discussions about comics and news. But it is also a cesspool of hate.

Cesspool of hate, that describes Twitter, which is the journalists' favorite silo.

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