Gabbie and Dominic Notes - July 2019

Mon, Jul 1

At about 11:40 a.m., CP arrived at our house with Gabbie in their new minivan. CP and Gabbie had dentist appointments this morning at a West Toledo dentist. It was Gabbie's first dentist appointment, and apparently it did not go well. CP said that Gabbie had a meltdown. The dental employees wanted to separate CP and Gabbie, which might have been okay if another family member was present to stay with Gabbie.

When they arrived, Gabbie looked fine, happy, drinking water from her new water bottle that she got at the dentist, and she ate cheese crackers.

CP stopped at our house to gather tables from us and Kim and Brent that CP and Brad will use at their garage sale, scheduled for later this week. I loaded the tables into the car. Deb worked from home today, and she had some other things to load into the van.

Gabbie remained in the van. I tried to entertain her. We shared cheese crackers. But Gabbie tried to unbuckle her car seat. She wanted out. I assume that she wanted to roam.

When they first arrived, I gave Gabbie the thumbs up, and Gabbie game me the thumbs up. Barney came outside too, and Gabbie pointed to Barney and vocalized her version of "Dog, dog."

CP left 10 to 15 minutes after arriving, and Gabbie was upset. She started crying. She looked distraught. She wanted to play with Nana and Papaw. We felt bad. But CP was going to get ice cream for Gabbie. I assume that pleased her.

Tue Jul 2

Fri, Jul 5

CP and Brad held their garage sale on Friday and Saturday. Deb left our home around 6:30 a.m., and I left at 7:40 a.m. I got to sleep at 2:00 a.m. Barney and I arrived home at about 1:00 a.m. after our three-plus hour trip away from the fireworks barrage. The fascination with neighborhood fireworks is insane. I could not take it any longer about 9:30 p.m. last night. Barney was terrified. We stopped at McDondald's at Buck Road where I got myself an order of nasty "french fries" and I got Barney two plain hamburgers. I gave him one burger at McDonald's. Then we drove east on the Ohio turnpike. I stopped at the second rest area where we hung out for over an hour in the car. I gave Barney his second burger. Then we drove east and exited the turnpike at the Route 4 exit. I re-entered the turnpike and drove home.

When I arrived at CP and Brad's, Gabbie was out in the backyard, playing with Nana in the sandbox. Rhonda was inside, watching Dominic. When Gabbie came back into the house, she was fussing, probably because she did not want to stop playing outside. She cheered up once she saw me.

The weather was hot and humid. We played inside and outside. Deb and Brianna setup the small swimming pool in the backyard in the shade, along the west side of the house. We had fun splashing around in the pool. Gabbie moved all of her sandbox toys into the pool.

Gabbie liked to throw water at Nana. A couple of times, Gabbie was super sneaky about throwing the water, catching Nana by surprise. It was hilarious. Gabbie can be wily.

While outside playing the pool, Gabbie, Nana, and I enjoyed slapping hands in high-five and low-five fashion.

We went back inside when Gabbie seemed tired. Gabbie ate a snack, and we played indoors.

Around 12:30 p.m. or so, Gabbie and I played in the play area. Gabbie dug out a container of toys that contained her toy high heels that are too small for Gabbie now, but I squeezed her feet into the shoes because she wanted to wear them.

Of course, it's slippery walking around on the wood-like floors. I hovered over her to prevent her from crashing down. She dug out a small scarf for me. She likes to dress herself and me with fancy gear.

Then Gabbie wanted to go outside. This is like last month or back in May when Gabbie wanted to wear the high heels and she wanted to go outside then too. I took her outside. It's easier for her stroll around on the textured concrete sidewalk and driveway with the heels. But we did not stay out long because the sky was darkening in the west.

We took Gabbie back inside. I helped CP and Brad move garage sale items back into the garage to wait out the storm. While I was outside, Gabbie was placed in her room to nap.

I left CP and Brad's at about 2:30 p.m., since Barney needed to spend time outside. Deb left around 6:00 p.m. for home.

Sun, Jul 7

Deb and I arrived at CP and Brad's house a little after 11:00 a.m. CP and Brad wanted to visit CP's Grandfather who was in the hospital. CP and Brad left around Noon, and they returned between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m.

I occupied Gabbie's attention until she nap time, which was about 1:30 p.m. Deb and I left around 3:30 p.m. Gabbie was still asleep. She awoke around 3pm, yelled to turn her soundbox back on, and then she went back to sleep.

After we arrived, Gabbie said my name, smiled, and came over to me and gave me a hug, and I picked her up and held her.

We played in the upstairs play room area at the tea table. We played in living room with the magnetic building blocks.

We watched YouTube Cocomelon channel educational videos for kids. Gabbie likes to act out the hand and arm movements and some of the sounds exhibited in the videos. She likes to make the animal sounds for cow, horse, dog, cat, lion, mouse, sheep, chicken, etc.

Gabbie and I played downstairs for a while. We threw the ball on the steps at each other. Gabbie enjoys tossing different types of balls around. Many times, she likes throw a ball behind her back and/or while looking another direction like a no-look basketball pass.

On the steps, we took turns stuffing the crocheted ball under our shirts. Gabbie initiated the action. She remembers that I started this last October. She giggle a lot during this goofy ball play.

Downstairs, Gabbie played with her Barbie camping RV toy and a couple other things. She still likes to play with the multi-sound musical machine.

For lunch Gabbie ate well, including a lot of grapes. We also shared goldfish crackers, of course.

All this time, Deb tended to Dominic, changing his diaper, feeding him. Dominic slept for a long time on Debbie.

At about 1:30 p.m. while we were playing with the magnetic building shapes in the living room, Deb and I decided it was time for Gabbie to take a nap. Of course, she resisted our demands earlier in the half hour for nap time.

When Deb and I both told Gabbie that it was nap time, Gabbie started to gather up the magnetic building blocks and place them back into the storage container. I though that Gabbie was being helpful by putting her things away. Deb guessed that Gabbie was going to want to take the container of shapes to her room, and Deb was correct.

When the shapes were all back into the container, I picked up the container, instead of letting Gabbie slog the container herself. I walked ahead of Gabbie, and instead of turning right toward her room, I turned left toward the play area to put the container of shapes away. As I entered the playroom area, I felt this strong tug on the back of my shirt.

Gabbie tried to drag me toward her room by pulling on the back of my shirt, and she had a good strong grip. When I said, "No", Gabbie flopped down on the ground, and the struggle began. I scooped Gabbie up and placed her into her room. She protested strongly. She cried hard with this look of extreme disappointment, like Papaw betrayed her. I was suppose to be on Gabbie's team.

I placed the upset Gabbie into her bed, and I closed the door. She only fussed for five minutes or so, and then she went quiet.

I held Dominic for a little while. He was fussy. Deb made him a bottle, which is a much longer process than what was done for Gabbie. I paced around the house. Dominic got quiet and looked around. The movement of walking and maybe the different scenes might make him relax.

Gabbie was still asleep when Deb and I left.

Mon, Jul 8

Dominic has a couple heart issues. We are still unsure about the seriousness. He has a cardiologist appointment, scheduled for later July. For a checkup, I saw a cardiologist back in the spring, a month before Dominic was born.