The Bastardization of the Web

created Jun 17, 2019

This is a humorous quote from a Jun 15, 2019 Hacker News thread that pointed to an audio post, titled JavaScript Is the CO2 of the Web.

JavaScript should be used like a condiment instead of a whole meal. It's led to the bastardization of the web in my opinion.

Client-side JavaScript is fine when it solves problems. The misuse, overuse, and unnecessary usage of client-side JavaScript has made the web UI/UX worse, especially for websites, designed for browsing-only users (readers).

It makes sense to use client-side JavaScript carefully to build dashboards and admin consoles that are meant to be used by logged-in users to complete tasks.

These obvious web APPS could be built with simple HTML forms with all programming being done by server-side programs, like we built in the 1990s, but if the user experience can be improved by using client-side JavaScript, then using JavaScript is a reasonable choice.

But JavaScript is not needed to display text and images for websites that are built for readers. This is the area where the web is being ruined.

The abomination is apocalyptic web design. But such obscene web design is rampant among the media industry.