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created Jun 6, 2019

Several months ago, I read about this project. It has popped up at Hacker News multiple times. It's a fascinating read. It would be fun to attempt at home, even if I only use a .onion Tor service website.

My .onion website is http://zwdqwr2p2xwkpbyv.onion and it runs on an old Linux computer in my home, but I don't have the computer on all of the time. I would like to use a Raspberry Pi or something else.

This website is a solar-powered, self-hosted version of Low-tech Magazine. It has been designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content.

SERVER: This website runs on an Olimex A20 computer. It has 2 Ghz of processing power, 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. The server draws 1 - 2.5 watts of power.

SERVER SOFTWARE: The webserver runs Armbian Stretch, a Debian based operating system built around the SUNXI kernel. We wrote technical documentation for configuring the webserver.

DESIGN SOFTWARE: The website is built with Pelican, a static site generator. We have released the source code for ‘solar’, the Pelican theme we developed here.

INTERNET CONNECTION. The server is connected to a 100 MBps fibre internet connection. Here’s how we configured the router. For now, the router is powered by grid electricity and requires 10 watts of power. We are investigating how to replace the energy-hungry router with a more efficient one that can be solar-powered, too.

SOLAR PV SYSTEM. The server runs on a 50 Wp solar panel and a 24 Wh LiPo battery. However, are still experimenting with different setups (see above). The PV installation is managed by a 10A solar charge controller.


Jun 9, 2019

"Chip design drastically reduces energy needed to compute with light ("

Published in 2018:

"Digitalisation, energy and data demand: The impact of Internet traffic on overall and peak electricity consumption"

Published in 2013: