Journalists Create Contempt of the Media

created Jun 5, 2019

Glenn Greenwald is the best journalist who covers U.S politics. He's the only journalist at any level of news reporting who uses Twitter and I still trust.

Many journalists dislike Greenwald, probably because Glenn uses more logic than emotion in his thinking.

Glenn criticizes democrats, republicans, journalists, anyone and any group deserving of criticism.

Jun 5, 2019 Greenwald tweet

If you're a journalist who sanctions or is too afraid to condemn outright lying by your colleagues because the target of the lies is marginalized or disliked by popular cliques, please don't express bafflement or anger that people hold journalists & journalism in contempt.

I'm not positive, but I think that Glenn's tweet was related to a rant by Glenn against Gizmodo for publishing a story about a person named Michael Tracy. ???

I don't know any of the details about the drama, but it appears that according to Glenn, Gizmodo published false information, and instead of other journalists criticizing the story, many journalists either ignored Gizmodo's alleged journalistic malpractice, or the journalists applauded the story because the target is someone who is disliked by journalists. ???

I don't know. Twitter conversations and threads are hard to follow, in my opinion.[1]

Another Greenwald tweet from today.

My cause here isn't Michael but the willingness of journalists to weaponize journalism against those they hate - even if it means disseminating demonstrable, factual falsehoods, which should be the ultimate taboo for journalists.

If journalists cared about truth to power and democracy and whatever else they deem important to society, then they should delete their Twitter accounts and embrace the open internet, the Slow News Movement, and the Slow Web Movement.

Journalists could lead society away from using too much social media.


  1. I visit Twitter with JavaScript disabled. Maybe that's an issue because it seems that Twitter has changed its site recently. When I click the link "View conversation", the conversation does not exist. Only the main tweet exists. That's a new experience. With JavaScript enabled, I consider Twitter's web UI/UX terrible. The no-JavaScript version was simpler, faster, and more lightweight, but now it's dysfunctional. But since I rarely or occasionally visit the accounts of Twitter users, I won't miss anything.