Mike Monteiro probably has a comment about the cesspool of the internet's phony concern.

Twitter management feels the need to research how purveyors of hate and violence use Twitter.

A tweet by Mike appeared with the mediagazer discussion.

Good comments above but they were posted at Twitter. How is that good?

In Mike's book Ruined by Design, Mike wants Twitter employees to change the site from within, but if that's impossible, then Mike advises the employees to leave Twitter for ethical reasons.

But in my opinion, Twitter users, like Mike, are not blameless. If enough people quit Twitter, especially journalists, then that would get Wall Street's attention, which alert Twitter management to make drastic changes.

In my opinion, using Twitter to bitch about Twitter is assinine. And all Twitter users are responsible for Twitter being the cesspool.

Obviously, Twitter users have failed to get drastic changes made with Twitter during Twitter's 13 years of existence. 13 years. The next solution is for Twitter users to delete their accounts.