F*ck ads.

If I'm a subscriber, I expect no ads. No other option exists for me.

I subscribe to the Toledo Blade, but I read the Blade via my own web app that displays no ads and uses no JavaScript.

I consider the Blade's hellhole of a website a security and privacy unknown.

The Blade's shitty website uses a hostile web reading design for logged-in subscribers.

If I could not read the blade via my own web app that runs on a server that I lease, then I would not subscribe to the Blade.

The Blade's content is NOT the only product offered by the Blade. The delivery mechanism is also a part of the Blade's product that I fund. It's the complete package, and I won't fund the entire product unless all the pieces satisfy my taste.

That's business. It's my money. The Blade is not a charity. If the Blade and the craft of journalism want respect, then the newspaper industry needs to respect its readers, especially its paying customers by not creating horrendous delivery mechanisms.

None of the Blade's delivery products are worth funding. The Blade offers reader-hostile delivery products.

Newspapers don't view us and them as a two-way street. The arrogant newspaper industry that still stupidly blames Craigslist in 2019 for the industry's woes believes that we should fund newspapers because it's some kind of right thing to do nonsense.

The Blade's website should be outlawed. Violation of the 1st Amendment. Nope. The Blade's website is a violation of human decency.

I don't see a WaPo ad network and CMS being the answer.

If the newspaper industry fails to respect paying customers by displaying ads to subscribers, then I have no sympathy for the newspapers disappearing. They caused their own problems. It's not my fault. It's definitely not Craigslist fault.

100 percent of the blame for the newspaper industry tanking over the past 40 years (before the web was invented) belongs to the newspaper industry.

WaPo claims privacy and ads can co-exist. What works is blocking JavaScript which blocks nearly all ads. That's privacy.

The Blade has my subscription. The Blade does not have my permission to display ads in the web browsers that run on computers that I bought.

Those are my terms of service. If the Blade does not accept my terms of service, then I will gladly stop paying them a monthly fee that will increase in June from $9.99 a month to $12.99 a month.

The Blade publishes too many stories about crime and court proceedings. Is that easy journalism?

The Blade stories seem too weak. No bite. No investigations. Nothing that inspires people to vote.

Why does this deserve to be funded? I'll continue to pay for the Blade even with the increase. For now.

created May 29, 2019