test omnibear webmention reply post 08may2019

I'm using the Omnibear IndieWeb compatible web browser add-on with the Firefox web browser on my Chromebook, which runs ChromeOS, but it also supports Android apps.

i'm replying to a thread page at kleete.com. this post should get created at sawv.org via micropub, and then sawv.org will make the webmention post to kleete.com

let's see if it works.

This post is a reply to http://kleete.com/thread/bAROtmPGNwzI4mh0GETrdg/human-brains-have-been-replaced-by-mud.


it all worked as listed above. my sawv.org code attached the "This post is a reply ..." text and link to the bottom of the original reply post.

prelim work:

  1. install omnibear web browser add-on
  2. log into the add-on by using indieauth, which means that i logged into the add-on by typing: http://sawv.org and then the indieauth process emailed me a code. i entered the code, successfully completing the indieauth login process. indieauth knew that it was to email me a code because on my sawv.org homepage, i have a rel="me" pointing to jr@sawv.org.

reply process flow:

  1. view kleete.com thread.
  2. launch omnibear browser add-on, choose the option to reply to the page being viewed, and create reply post. i type markup like usual. i can create a note or an article type of reply post. omnibear provides other post types, such as "liking".
  3. omnibear is a micropub client, and my sawv.org code supports micropub on the server. this is how i can use omnibear to create a post at sawv.org
  4. since it was a reply post, omnibear includes additional info that my sawv.org code understands, which causes my sawv.org code to create a webmention post at kleete.com for the thread page being viewed.

kleete.com thread --> omnibear micropub client --> reply post --> sawv.org --> webmention --> kleete.com thread