Gabbie Notes - April 2019

I should record more info, during our visits with Gabbie, our two-year-old granddaughter. In April, we saw Gabbie more times than what I mentioned below. Time flies way too fast. I need to record as many moments as possible. It's amazing how many small details are forgotten with time.

Sun, Apr 21, 2019

Deb and I arrived in the afternoon. We brought food. The weather was sunny with temps in the 60s.

Brad brought Gabbie outside when we arrived. We played outside for over an hour, mainly running around, playing hide-and-seek, playing with chalk, playing in the dirt.

Gabbie likes to get inside here small, plastic car, but she still does not like to make it go by moving her feet. She also dislikes it when I try to push the car with her inside.

About about 75 to 90 minutes outside, we needed to go inside to eat.

Sat, Apr 27, 2019

Deb and I met C, B, G, and D at a nice park in Bedford, along Douglas Rd.

We played at the park for over an hour. It was a sunny, cool mid-day.

As expected, Gabbie enjoyed running around and climbing up on the various steps and platforms, but she would not go down the slides on her own. A few times, Brad made Gabbie go down the slide, and Gabbie loved it. She reached the end of the slide smiling and laughing, but she still would not choose to go down the slides on her own.

She didn't like it when I sat on the swing and swung. She pulled me off the swing.

Gabbie likes to play hide-and-seek. I hide behind the bigger playground equipment, and Gabbie looked for me.

The playground had this zip line-like thingy, except the handle hung from a horizontal bar. It was fun. It only needed to be a longer bar for a longer ride. Gabbie, of coursed, became interested in me hanging and gliding on this apparatus. She put her arms up in the air, like she wanted to do it. I lifted her and held her up in the air to let her grab the handle. While she held the handle, I carried her along, like she was gliding. I got a little tired. Brad took over.

We could not interest Gabbie to go down a slide on her own, but she wanted to do the zip line-like thingy.

We had a lot of physical play. Gabbie can make everyone tired. Dominic slept in Catherine's arms.

After the park, we ate lunch at Brenda's Family Dining, located in Temperance, Michigan. It's actually located out in the country, away from everything, along Lewis Ave, well north of Temperance.

I broke from my normal vegan-like diet and ordered the liver and onions with mashed potatoes. The liver was served very thin. I enjoyed it. Very good. I also enjoyed the mashed potatoes, which I ordered without gravy. I should have ordered the gravy on the side. A little gravy would have been a nice additional touch with the liver.

We ordered lemon meringue pie to go.

I sat next to Gabbie while we ate at Brenda's. Gabbie was well-behaved and quiet. Maybe she was a little tired from the playing at the park.

A few times, Gabbie fed me her french fries with the airplane sound effect that I have used with her for a couple years.

I gave Gabbie a small piece of liver. She placed it into her mouth, and then she gave it back to me.

Normally, CP and Brad do not give Gabbie juice to drink, but Brad ordered Gabbie apple juice. When Gabbie first drank it through a straw, she made a face, but she kept drinking it.

Mon, Apr 29, 2019

CP had a doctor's appointment with Dominic. Catherine is not allowed to drive yet. Brad took CP and Dominic to the appointment.

I arrived at 1:20 p.m. Gabbie was in her room for nap time. CP, B, and D left.

Gabbie's new thing at nap time is before going to sleep, Gabbie removes socks and pants from her dresser. She places the clothing on the floor.

I checked the monitor, and Gabbie was lying in her bed, either asleep or about to go to sleep.

Gabbie woke from her nap at 2:45 p.m. I entered her room at 2:50 p.m. Immediately, she started gathering the things from her crib and handing them to me, which included two nearly identical fleece blankets, two small, elephant taggy blanket thingys, and a baby doll. We had to carry these things into the living room and to couch where Gabbie sat and waited for her post-nap treat. I gave her a small bowl of Chees-its and milk while we watched Mulan.

We spent only a short time in the living room. Gabbie was ready to play. We played for a little while in the upstairs play area. She had me sit at her tea table. Then she wanted to go downstairs. I changed her diaper first.

We played ball on the steps downstairs. While downstairs, Gabbie opened up DVD cases. She still enjoys the challenge of pulling things apart and pushing things together. She likes to press the buttons, inside the DVD cases that releases the DVDs.

While downstairs, we climbed on the exercise equipment. We went inside the round tent. But it was all kind of brief. And then she wanted to go back upstairs.

We played in her bedroom, specifically on her crib. We had to bring her blankets, elephants, and baby doll from the living room to her crib. Gabbie went to the play room area and brought to her crib a container of the flat, magnetic shapes for building. She dumped this container in her crib. She go into the crib too. All of that stuff. I sat on the floor, outside the crib.

Gabbie likes assembling the magnetic shapes. We played like this for quite a while. CP, Brad, and Dominic arrived home.

Gabbie at some dinner before 5:00 p.m. We played in the living room some and then back into the upstairs playroom area. Gabbie played with the shark puzzle that plays the shark song. She likes the shark song and doing the hand and arm motions that accompany the song. I have to make the arm movements too, of course. Sometimes, Gabbie bobs her head with the shark song.

Gabbie likes the puzzles. She enjoyed playing with another one that contained fish pieces with a metal item in the middle of each puzzle piece. Gabbie used a small fishing rod like setup with a magnet at the end of the line to pick up the puzzle pieces.

Gabbie led me to CP and Brad's bedroom. She climbed up onto their bed. Gabbie likes to wrestle and jump around and flop down on their bed, which contains at least four pillows. She will throw herself down onto the bed and pillows, but she prefers that I pick her up and crash her down onto the bed. Gabbie enjoys watching herself in the mirror while standing on the bed.

After rough-housing on the bed, we played in the living room for a bit, and then Gabbie took me back to the CP and Brad's bedroom for more flopping and wrestling on the bed. Nothing dainty about Gabbie.

I did not get a chance to hold Dominic. I left around 6:30 p.m. Initially when I got ready to go, Gabbie tried to take my flannel shirt off of me, but I explained that I needed to leave, and she was fine with it. In the past, she got upset when I left, crying loudly at times.

But this time, she was okay with me leaving. Several times, she said, "Bye" to me as I got ready to leave.

It's always an enjoyable, active time with Gabbie. That's why I exercise nearly every day: to keep up with Gabbie.