birdwatching on the last weekend of April 2019

this weekend's weather may not be conducive to a good songbird migration bird movement. winds for tonight into sunday are forecast to be from the north quadrant. temps will dip down into the 30s by tomorrow morning. rain is forecast tomorrow night.

the bsbo is scheduled to hold a bird banding demo on sunday, starting at 10:00 a.m. we would like to take gabbie to it, provided that it's not canceled due to weather.

a lot of blackbirds have been visiting the bsbo feeders lately. even having gabbie view the birds through the bsbo's store window might be fun. but if the banding occurs at the bsbo, then they should be able to band some blackbirds.

a few weeks ago, we ran into kim and kenn kaufman at metzger marsh. kim said that she/they would let gabbie hold a bird at a banding demo.

i don't know how quiet gabbie will be at a banding demo. she might get excited at the birds, and she might want to run around.

at 2.5-years-old, she could be a little young, but it would worth a try.

i made this post via email. when using indieauth to log into the web-based micropub editor called, the web app also provides an email address to send new posts to. will receive the email and post it to my website, using micropub. i support micropub on the server.

i don't think that my "dir" custom command works when posting via email


I'm making this update through the web browser. Everything worked, including my dir command.

In the past, I thought that the text got truncated and wrapped at the 70 to 80 character limit, which meant that the content displayed oddly in a web page, but that did not occur above. I'll have to check old tests.

Anyway, it worked well. Within the email message, I placed the title line in the subject line and again in the body of the email with the pound sign at the start of the line.

Here's the Micropub editor that also provides an email address.

created Apr 26, 2019