test post 17apr2019

this time, i'm using the netsurf web browser on my old linux desktop computer to create this post.

i could not get elinks to install on this computer, but that's okay because the graphical version of the links browser is links2 -g, which i already have working on this computer.

elinks was a fork of links. both are text-based web browsers, similar to lynx and w3m. but i prefer the slightly graphical links2 -g web browser.

regarding alternative web browsers, i use lynx and elinks within termux on my chromebook. i use netsurf and links2 -g on my linux desktop computer.

on both computers, i also use chrome, and on my linux desktop computer, i use firefox. i also have firefox installed on my chromebook, since chromeOS supports the google app store.

i like to use firefox on my linux desktop computer. firefox speed has improved a lot over the past couple years, which is important when using an old but still functional computer.