test post 17apr2019 number two

this time, i'm creating the post by using the links2 -g web browser on my old linux desktop computer.

i used the login form at sawv.org to have my code email a login activiation link. i accessed the backup email message that's sent to my riseup.net account.

i need javascript to use fastmail, but riseup.net offers an email interface that works without javascript.

and now i'm logged in and creating this post. i like to use the old, humble html textarea box to create and update posts.

for lengthy writing or updating, i'll use my javascript editor, although these alternative web browsers, such as NetSurf, elinks, links2 -g, and Lynx do not support javascript, of course.

it's nice having two options for creating and updating content.

i like netsurf for its formatting capabilities, since it supports some HTML5 and some CSS3, I think.

but links2 -g is incredibly fast. the speed of our broadband internet connection is amazing, and we don't have the fastest access option, offered by our internet service provider.

links2 -g proves that the internet is fast, the web is fast, and websites CAN be fast. but we make the whole process seem slow by creating large, complex web browsers that apparently have to support the complex, bloated web.

links2 -g does not support css. all websites look the same, but if the content is the key design, then that's okay.

netsurf and links2 -g are probably my two favorite alternative web browsers.

lynx is nice because i have that installed on multiple computers, including on my digital ocean droplet. i have used lynx since 1996. i even installed on a vax/vms system when i worked as a sys-admin.

anyway, it would nice if more people and orgs supported a simpler web and the open web.

that's enough.